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The "House of Yezidis" in the El Jazera area announces the release of a Yezidi girl

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The "House of Yezidis" in the El-Jazera district, with the support of the Asayish forces in the notorious Al-Khol camp, announced the rescue from captivity and slavery of the Yezidi captive Rosa Haji Bajo, abducted by the terrorist group ISIS (Daesh) during their invasion of Shangal in 2014.

How the girl was rescued is not reported.

In an exclusive interview with local Yezidi media, Rosa Hajji said that many more Yezidi girls are in slavery in the Al-Khol camp. Many of them have several children, which is why they are being blackmailed to this day. The Yezidis are being held by the so-called senior wives of ISIS terrorists. Yazidi girls are still being sold for a very large ransom without children.

Rosa is convinced that the camp administration is aware of what is happening in the camp but is silent. Before redeeming a girl from the camp, relatives are warned that no one should know about the ransom deal, otherwise the captives face death.

The freed Rose, born in Tel Kasab, Shangal in 2006, was captured by terrorists on August 3, 2014, when she and her parents and residents of her village tried to escape. What happened to her parents, the girl does not know?

According to Rosa's stories, the terrorists who captured her at the age of 8 mocked, beat and repeatedly raped her, sold her as a doll several times.

During the interview, remembering all the horrors that she suffered, the girl became ill.

As of today, the freed Rosa Hadji Bajo will return to the family of her cousin living in Tal Kasab.

Dengê Êzdiyan

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