Memorial Day of the Deceased (Roja Mazala)

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The Yezidis have many religious holidays and holy days, which are obligatory and common to all Yezidis. One of such holy days is " Roja Mazala " (Memorial Day of the Deceased).

" Roja Mazala " is celebrated mainly only by the Yezidis of the former USSR in the month of June. This year, Memorial Day falls on June 16. On this day, in the morning, the cemetery is already crowded, everyone visits the graves of their relatives. Sheikhs and Pirs – representatives of the clergy – visit the graves of their mrids, where they read a memorial prayer ("kavl" and "tarkin"), after which they accept donations to "mashe tarkin" or "hera mri" from relatives of the deceased. First, the sheikhs and the feasts, upon coming to the cemetery, read a common prayer for the repose of the souls of the deceased in the name of Shihadi ("hera nave Shihadi"), and then they bypass their mrids.

After the collapse of the USSR and the difficult political and socio-economic situation, a significant part of the Yezidis left Georgia and moved to Russia, Ukraine and Western European countries. But despite this, many people come to Georgia and Armenia every year to honor the memory of their deceased relatives.

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