Double standards of the West in relation to the Yezidis

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Everyone remembers that terrible August 2014, when ISIS invaded Sinjar and other places of residence of the Yezidi people, committing an unprecedented genocide against them.

Nowadays, the word "Genocide" has often been used for vociferousness. Let's understand the etymology of the word "Genocide" - a form of mass violence, which the UN defines as actions committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, any national, ethnic, racial or religious group.

The Yezidis have experienced this directly in full force. Yezidis were killed and enslaved into slavery for the purpose of extermination. Recruitment methods were used among boys so that in the future they would be "mediators" for the remaining Yazidi people, convincing them that they were "infidels" and should abandon their religion. Naturally, many Yazidis did not bow their heads to ISIS, for which they were executed, and women and children were taken into sexual slavery.

What did the West do at the time of the terrorist invasion, how did they treat the surviving Yezidi refugees? The Yezidis who survived and fled from the atrocities of ISIS, walked on foot, with infants, without food, without water through the hot desert of Sinjar, some of them survived despite the terrible conditions. Those who managed to escape from the ISIS terrorists died from the heat, from dehydration, those who were lucky enough to reach Mount Sinjar waited for several days and weeks for humanitarian aid from all over the world, but many did not wait for it. The bureaucrats of the West and the rest of the world were too slow with the help.

Everything is already over, but alas, it is not so. The Yezidis stood on the borders of different states, but they were not allowed to pass. Not only were this destitute people subjected to genocide, but the survivors were not granted asylum. Border camps were organized for the Yezidis, there were no basic living conditions in these camps, officials only delayed their death.

The year 2022 is already in the yard, and the Yazidis still have the same problems, they are still in refugee camps – so these are those who are still "lucky", and those who are "lucky" less - live in camps in slavery to ISIS families.

The West has not given a special status to the Yezidis who want to receive refugee status. It is very difficult for most Yazidi families to get this status, they must sell everything that is left, bribing people who can help them. But, what about those who do not have the means?

Today there is a war in Ukraine, and now almost two million Ukrainians have left their homeland as refugees, fleeing from the horrors of war. Western countries provide enormous assistance for Ukrainians.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine:

"The EU provides the citizens of Ukraine and residents of the country the right to live, work, receive medical care, housing and education immediately for a period of up to three years, without having to go through a long procedure of granting asylum."

The sensible person the question arises: why Yazidis, who were subjected to genocide, still live-in camps and are in a humanitarian crisis, why not give them a special refugee status? So far, 3,000 Yazidi women and girls are in sexual slavery.

Now the Ukrainian people are suffering and the whole world wishes them peace, including the Yezidis, who know firsthand what "bombing" is.

But why is it a privilege for some, and pseudo-help for others? Yes, the West's help is not small in restoring infrastructure in Syria and Iraq so that the Yezidis can return to their homes. The question here is something else, what to do with ISIS, which is still there and terrorizing the Yazidi people? Do you remember the behavior of the Polish border guards a few months ago in 2021, who did not let about 100 Yazidi refugees into Germany? 100 Yazidi families have returned to a place where everyone can also be killed just because they are Yazidis. But we can see how calmly two million refugees were able to pass to Poland and Germany? We understand that it is also very difficult for Ukrainians, but we are talking about the behavior of Poland and Germany, which doomed the Yezidis to death. Many will think and say that double standards have enveloped Europe.

Are we Yezidis not "white" enough for Western country’s or maybe we worship the wrong God? Stereotypical and discriminatory thinking is not what the long-suffering Yezidi people expect from the whole world.

The Cultural Center of the Caucasus Yezidis calls on Western countries to rethink this whole situation and give the Yezidis, who are still being subjected to genocide, a simplified refugee status.

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