Since 2014, the Yezidi population of Shangal has decreased by two-thirds

Read: 733     12:00     14 Август 2021    

According to Yazidi organizations in Iraq, about two-thirds of Yazidis have left the country in the last seven years.

Yazidis made up the majority of the population of the territory of Shangal and the Nineveh Valley before the war began in 2014. Today, this number has decreased, according to Yazidi organizations. The number of Yazidis in the Kurdish-populated region in the north-east of the country has tripled. These data were confirmed by Yazidi organizations in Rojava.

The Syrian Yezidis helped defeat the terrorist group ISIS. The Yazidi Military Council is part of the Kurdish-led Yazidi Democratic Forces and is a partner of the global coalition against ISIS.

The Yazidis have recently started unity talks, hoping to strengthen their influence in the country.

Source Ezdina