The role of the Yezidi woman in the family

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A Yezidi woman is not just a wife and mother for a Yezidi, she is both a comrade and a friend. As the Yezidi proverb says, "A woman can raise a man to the height of mountains, and she can also lower him deeper than sea level."
During a quarrel, a woman could take the headscarf off her head, throw it under the feet of the warring parties – and they immediately stopped the bloodshed.
The national dress of the Yezidis is preserved among older women. The traditional complex includes: shirt (red), trousers (khevalkras), vest (elec), skirt (navdeere), apron (shalek), armbands (davzang), wool belt (bene paste), headdress (kofi) or head scarves, wool stockings (goree), leather shoes.
In nomadic conditions, as well as in cold weather, women wore several dresses or skirts with vests. Of the various types of women's belts (kambars) that were widely used in the past, worn over skirts or dresses, it should be distinguished: made of cloth, usually trimmed with buttons and shells; wool, homespun, knitted with colored woolen threads.

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