Today the Yezidis celebrate “Aida Ezid”

Read: 3817     12:30     17 Декабрь 2021    

Holidays for all the peoples of the world are a joyful event, an event that they are waiting for, preparing for, anticipating. They are looking forward to this action itself and what it will bring with it.
The religious holidays of the Yezidi people talk about our Yezidi history, reveal our identity and the soul of the Yezidi people, a national peculiarity. Yezidi holidays fill the soul with joy and peace. Through this joy, the future generation remembers, honors and will continue to adhere to its Yezidi religion. Of all the Yezidi holidays, a stock of holy impressions, joyful and pure experiences are accumulating in the souls, forming the foundation of the future conscious religious life of all our people. In later years, at moments of dangerous, critical internal fractures, these experiences, this religious experience becomes a reliable support and reference point for our Yezidi community.
Rojie Ezid and Aida Ezid are one of such holy holidays.

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