Sharfadin is an ancient religion of Western Asia and a national religion, it is professed by one people - the Yezidis

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The Yezidis believe in one God, who is called Hwade, which means Creator and Creator. Hwade for the Yezidis symbolizes Light, love and hope. God (Hwade) created this world, and nothing happens in our world without Him. The light of God manifests itself in the rays of the sun and in the morning the Yezidis pray, they also turn their gaze to the east.

Sharfadin religion is a very peace–loving religion, treats all religions of the world and peoples with respect, because they are created by one single God. If other religions say that it is enough for a person to repent of his sins before death, and he goes to heaven, then according to the Sharfadin religion, a person should live his entire earthly life so that his good deeds and deeds far surpass his own misdeeds.

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