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A painting by a Yazidi artist that was published in Paris eighteen years after it was painted

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In Paris, eighteen years after the beginning of its writing, a painting was published by the author, whose Yazidi artist Kheder Daham. A painting called "The Syrian Harvest", popularly known as "Daughters of the Sun".

The painting depicts Yazidi girls picking wheat in one of Yazidi villages in Syria.

It seems that this painting can be a very powerful and touching image, it is a reminder of the steadfastness of Yazidis, who have faced enormous persecution and suffering in recent years. The painting also highlights the importance of preserving Yazidi culture and traditions.

The painting depicts a group of Yazidi girls picking wheat in a field. All of them are dressed in traditional Yazidi clothes, laughing and talking while working. The field in the image is surrounded by hills and mountains, and the sky is clear blue.

The painting is a symbol of hope and resilience, which shows that Yazidis are still able to practice their culture and traditions, even after everything they had to go through. The painting is also a reminder of the beauty of the Yazidi homeland.

It is noteworthy that the painting "The Syrian Harvest" (Daughters of the Sun) was published in Paris eighteen years after its writing. This shows that Yazidis have not been forgotten and that their story is still being told. The painting is also a reminder of the importance of international solidarity in the face of persecution and injustice.

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