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Meeting of Yazidi Activists from Europe and Russia with the Head of the Cultural Center of the Caucasus Yazidis

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The other day in Tbilisi, Georgia, there was a meeting of Yazidi activists from Europe and Russia with Iurii Smoev, the Head of the Cultural Center of the Caucasus Yazidis. The event was devoted to the topical issues of the Yazidi minority living in Europe and Russia.

The meeting was mediated by Iurii Smoev, the event was attended by a Yazidi activist from Europe, Mais Hani and Mikhail Sturki from Russia and local Yazidi activists, one of whom was Nugzar Isadzi.

The meeting discussed such topical topics as:

- The life of the Yazidi diaspora in Europe and Russia.

- Ways to develop meetings and events related to the introduction of young people in Europe and the former Soviet Union.

- The development of Yazidi history, culture, tradition and language among Europeans and Yazidi youth in European countries.

- Regional wars and how it affects Yazidis living in these countries.

- Emigration of the Yazidi minority to Europe, as it was before the war that is taking place on the territory of Ukraine and as it is happening now. 

At the end of the event, the Head of the Cultural Center of the Caucasus Yazidis thanked the guests for finding the time and being able to come to the event dedicated to the topical topic of the Yazidi minority in this difficult time.

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