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What is the role of women in the field of work in the Yazidi society of Iraq

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Women are given different attention in each country and in Sinjar, Yazidi women are somewhat free and have the opportunity to work. Women and their abilities are given more attention, the freedom of women in the Yazidi society goes back to the culture of behavior and knowledge of Yazidi woman.

One example is 19-year-old Dalal Kamal, a girl from a village in the southern mountains of Sinjar.

"When ISIS attacked Sinjar in 2014, my family managed to flee to Kurdistan, we miraculously managed to escape, but most of our neighbors and relatives could not leave Sinjar, many of them died and those who survived were captured and enslaved by ISIS. After Sinjar was cleared of ISIS in 2017, we decided to return home, there were many difficulties, I was older than my brothers and sisters, so I decided to work in the market. With the help of my family, I opened a small women's clothing store, there were many obstacles, since I studied at the same time, but this did not prevent me from working. My family survived and I am very happy."

Dalal's message to Yazidi women and girls is to work without shame and there is nothing shameful in work. The girl urges women to work side by side with men in order to live a happy life and parents of daughters to allow their daughters to work and support them. She also calls on aid organizations and society to increase support for girls and open women's clothing stores and beauty salons for them and help them build a successful society.

Dengê Êzdiya

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