An archaeological find of a 2,700-year-old winery that may belong to ancient Yezidis

Read: 3225     12:30     08 Апрель 2022    

Historically, the Yezidi people lived in the territories of ancient Mesopotamia, present-day Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Assyrian is historically considered one of the closest and friendly peoples to the Yezidi people. These two peoples have been united by friendly and fraternal relations for centuries, they lived side by side, fought together against foreign invaders.

Recently, Italian archaeologists announced that they have identified the remains of a 2,700-year-old wine press in the Dahuk province of the Kurdistan Region, which dates to the Assyrian Empire.

The site, which, according to them, is the oldest such discovery made to date in the northern part of ancient Mesopotamia, is located outside the village of New Hanis, about 8 km north of the Sheikhan district.

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