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The Iraqi government plans to disband the Yezidi self-defense units in Shangal

Read: 1520     15:00     30 Апрель 2022    

The recent deployment of the Iraqi army in Shangal is aimed at restoring stability and expelling illegal armed groups from the area, a member of the Iraqi parliament said.

"The Iraqi army is now in Shangal, in the region where the Yazidi population lives, to enforce the law and expel illegal and banned groups. The plan is to create a security system so that people can live together in peace. Therefore, we urge the people to avoid any violent reaction against the army forces," Mahma Khalil told BasNews news agency.

A certain part of the Yezidi population of Shangal is not happy with the presence of the Iraqi army.

"Where was the Iraqi army when ISIS terrorists attacked Shangal in 2014? No one protected us, no one warned us, we were not even given weapons for self-defense, we were thrown to the mercy of ISIS terrorists. We, the surviving Yezidis, were rescued by the local Yezidi self-defense units of Shangal (YBS) and Yezdikhan. Later, Kurdish detachments joined them, in which the Yezidis also served. Thanks to them, we survived, and now the government of Iraq wants to disband the detachments of the defenders of Shangal. We, the local population, are protesting and are outraged by such actions of the Iraqi government," said one of the residents, Meraze Dzhampulat.

The Iraqi authorities want to declare the self-defense units illegal and disband them.

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