The talented Yazidi artist Anton Mirzoev has passed away

Read: 1071     12:30     29 Апрель 2021    

In Tbilisi, at the age of 70, a true master of the brush, a master of painting, a talented Yazidi artist Anton Mirzoev died.

The works of this artist won the recognition and love of art fans, Anton Mirzoev was a talented artist and a great patriot of his people. Most of his paintings convey the accent of the Yazidi national color.

We sincerely empathize with the grief of dear Anton's family and friends, and we deeply mourn the loss of the Yazidi culture.

The last journey of the talented artist is held today, April 29.

Editorial Board it is with deep regret that we offer our condolences to the family of the deceased.

His memory will be preserved in the Yazidi people and in his best works.

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