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Many Yazidi residents affected by the earthquake have to rebuild their homes on their own

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A month after the earthquake, residents of Jindires, where Yazidi and Kurdish populations live, began to repair and restore their homes. According to a local Yazidi resident, many people alone and without any help from the state or humanitarian organizations are rebuilding their homes from scratch.

The people who were left without a roof over their heads are now living in tents, they have no one to count on. Humanitarian aid does not reach them, these people turned to the local authorities for help, but there was no result, and there is no result.

Now, more than a month after the earthquake, many residents of Jindires are repairing or rebuilding their homes. In addition to the repair and construction of houses, the remnants of destruction are also cleaned and disposed of.

Residents of the village of Halta were also left without everything, the earthquake destroyed their houses, one of the villagers complains about the lack of help and expensive construction materials.

According to the construction control committee in Jindires, 280 buildings should be demolished, 232 buildings need fortifications and the rest should be restored or rebuild.

Dengê Êzdiya

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