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Yazidi presence in Armenia: state of affairs and prospects

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Yazidis and Armenians, two peoples who have been living next door for centuries. The events of 1915 forced the displacement of tens of thousands of Yazidis, many of them moved to the territory of today's Armenia, although even before that, Yazidis lived next to Armenians in the territory of the Ottoman Empire. But due to military reasons, military-political circumstances, humanitarian situation, the Yazidi people had to migrate to Armenia and Georgia.

At the time of the collapse of the USSR, more than 100,000 Yazidis lived in Armenia, at the moment less than 50,000. The reason for this difference in numbers is a number of economic, social and political problems, which significantly affected the economic processes of Armenia. A lot of Yazidis have immigrated to the EU and the USA. Today, more than 400,000 Yazidis live in these countries.

But, despite the large outflow of the Yazidi population from Armenia, there are dozens of settlements in the country where Yazidis live compactly, or they make up the majority of the population. In these regions, infrastructure problems are mainly fixed, such as water supply, gas supply, lack of roads, there are also problems with educational infrastructure. Today, more successful Yazidis from other countries can partially help poor Yazidi families in these regions of Armenia.

The Yazidi world includes two key regions, these are Shangal (Northern Iraq) and Armenia, since Yazidis live compactly in these countries and thus they can more effectively preserve their culture, customs, traditions, identity, language and writing, have their own media, schools and kindergartens. In this regard, we need to do everything possible to ensure that this presence is not only preserved, but also developed for the benefit of not only the Yazidi people, but also for the benefit of Armenians and Armenia, because Yazidis are citizens of Armenia who work, pay taxes, serve in the army, produce goods, works, services.

Every citizen, regardless of nationality and religion, is a great value for the state and the state, in turn, should be aware of this and appreciate every citizen.

"Only that ideology has a future that is based on humanity", - this term alone can define the ideology of a successful country.

Rustam Aloyan

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