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Disastrous propaganda affecting the Yezidi community

Read: 359     12:30     28 Декабрь 2021    

"It is more profitable to invest one dollar in the press than ten dollars in weapons: weapons are unlikely to speak at all, and the press does not close its mouth from morning to night" - Richard Milhouse Nixon.

Propaganda is often understood only as political or ideological propaganda carried out with the aim of forming a certain political worldview among the masses. Political propaganda can be considered as a systematic influence on the consciousness of individuals, groups, society as a whole to achieve a certain result in the field of political action." It is unlikely that political propaganda can benefit society.
Unfortunately, the Yazidi people are also subjected to political, ideological and even religious propaganda. Propaganda against the Yezidi people has been going on for more than a century. As we know, the Yezidi people were often called devil -worshippers (to this day, some continue to call the Yezidis that). Thanks to this religious propaganda, the Yezidi people were persecuted from their native lands, to slavery and to genocide.

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