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Yazidi refugees and displaced persons study in Kurdistan schools without federal state support

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Minister of Education of Kurdistan, Alan Hama Saeed, announced that there are more than 360 schools in the cities of the region intended for local residents and arrived Yazidi refugees from Sinjar, while criticizing the refusal of the federal government to provide support and spending on these schools.

Minister's speech was made during a conference on the conditions of migration and displacement, which was held in Erbil with the participation of 13 universities in the region of Iraq.

Minister of Education of the region stated in his speech at the conference that teachers' salaries and financial expenses of these schools are sponsored by the regional government, although this is the responsibility of the federal government.

Hama Saeed continued: "We have 60 schools in camps for Yazidi displaced persons, and these schools employ more than 300 teachers who receive salaries from the regional government, and annually we spend more than 5 billion dinars on salaries, which indicates that 6 thousand students are educated in these schools.

Since the outbreak of the war in Syria more than a decade ago and the invasion of Iraq by ISIS in 2014, almost two million refugees have been displaced to Kurdistan. The authorities worked to provide them with a safe haven and meet basic needs in cooperation with international organizations and countries.

Kurdistan, for its part, fulfills its obligations. We demand financial investments from the Government of Iraq for the education and maintenance of children of Yazidi refugees and displaced persons".

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