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Berlin, Freedom of Thought Award: Saad Salloum Calls for Support for the Yazidi People

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Dr. Saad Salloum, General Coordinator of the Masarat Foundation, in Berlin, while receiving the Ibn Rushd Prize for Freedom of Thought, called for support for the Yazidi community and in particular, the Yazidi youth.

In his speech on the occasion of the award presentation at the Berlin Museum, Sallum noted: "In the hope of change, a few months ago, Yazidi youth demonstrated against armed groups in Sinjar, and all these eight years after the genocide. The genocide is still alive and continues for the Yazidi people, with the continuation of the political conflict and regional interference in their ancestral lands, the non-return of displaced persons and the dispersal of the community more and more".

Dr. Salloum called for the adoption of legislation criminalizing racism in all its forms, primarily for racism and hate speech on various platforms, and pointed out the need to "reconsider racist practices towards ethnic minorities, including entrenched discrimination against Yazidis in Iraq and Syria. I think we should start with legislation criminalizing racism in all its forms".

Saad Salloum noted the importance of "fighting for greater recognition of unrecognized religious minorities, we need a revolution against the exclusive approach to religious freedom, which is contrary to the universal spirit of human rights, based on respect for the human dignity of all nations and religions.

As a result of his intellectual and field efforts, Saad Salloum was awarded the 2022 Ibn Rushd Prize for Freedom of Thought, which has been awarded annually by the Foundation in Berlin since 1999. The prize is awarded to those who have played a role in supporting and disseminating free democratic thought and creativity in Arab countries.

Ezidi 24 - Berlin

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