Clarification of the ban on Yezidi students from attending school in Shingal

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The publication of several articles with news that Yazidi schoolchildren are being banned from attending school has caused outrage among the local Yazidi population.

One of the schools in the region was restored by Japan's Peace Winds in cooperation with the Youth Bridge Organization. After the restoration of the school ended, the Japanese organization suspended its partnership with the Youth Bridge organization for reasons unknown to us, and complaints and problems arose between the two parties.

More than 2,000 students studied in one of the buildings for several hours. When the building was completed, the education decided to move three schools to this new building, while two schools remained in the old building, and after two days of work, a self-government group came to the school and gave them 48 hours for the local Yazidi students to leave the school.

The Japanese organization received permission to build two more schools in Shingal, one of which was in Khansur, but after these problems withdrew these two projects, because. schools were built for minorities living in the Shingal region.

The director of one of the Shingal schools was scheduled to apply within the next week to move the exams for Yazidi students to Shingal this year, as the children were unable to attend school normally.

At this time, one of the officials of the Iraqi Ministry of Education wrote on his page on social networks: “For me, every Shangalese is a friend and brother, regardless of his nationality and religion. I hope we will have the opportunity to accommodate all the students.”

The local population is outraged by such facts and reports the beginning of protests: “Not only was the Yezidi minority subjected to genocide in 2014, our surviving children are also deprived of education, because, you see, the places in our schools are occupied, occupied by displaced Arabs, whom settle in Yezidi villages and also give out help.

We have repeatedly reported that the Arabization of the Yezidi territories is underway and everyone is silent about it. We very much hope that politics will not control schools, and Yazidi children will be given the opportunity to study.”

Dengê Êzdiya

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