The UK will allocate financial assistance to Georgia and Moldova to protect against Russian interference

Read: 288     14:00     17 Март 2023    

The UK will provide financial assistance to Georgia and Moldova to protect them from Russian interference.

According to the statement of the British government, the financial assistance will be announced by British Foreign Minister James Cleverly, who will visit Moldova and Georgia.

In particular, to strengthen democracy in Georgia, the UK allocates half a million pounds, which will be used to create a free and fair environment in the country for parliamentary elections in 2024 and to protect against external interference.

As for Moldova, the UK will allocate 10 million pounds to support economic and managerial reforms, including in the energy sector.

According to the minister, the UK will not stand aside when Moscow clearly undermines democracy, sovereignty and territorial integrity of these countries.

"We need to strengthen their resilience to hybrid threats from Russia", the British Foreign Secretary said, adding that the democratic choice of the peoples of these countries should be protected.