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Another exhumation of a mass grave in Sinjdar is taking place with the support of UNITAD

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Iraq, the Department of Mass Graves Affairs has agreed with the world organization UNITAD about the exhumation of Yazidi mass graves, including a mass grave in Sinjar.

The technical staff of the UNITAD international investigation team, together with the Directorate for Mass Graves in Baghdad, are exhuming mass graves in areas liberated from ISIS.

The parties discussed the training of the staff of the department of the international investigation team, psychological support for Yazidi families living in Germany, and how to link the remains found with criminal evidence and evidence from local mass graves.

The actions related to the preliminary technical inspection meeting at the Alo Antar Cemetery in the Tal Afar area and the Til Ezer Cemetery in the Sinjar district were also coordinated.

It was decided to complete all the necessary procedures for issuing a visa to the Department for the Affairs and Protection of Mass Graves, as well as to prepare for the implementation of the expected successful process of collecting information about the families of the deceased Yazidis who are in Germany. Crimes against humanity committed by the terrorist group ISIS are recognized as genocide against the Yazidi people. 

Dengê Êzdiya

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