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A delegation from Dahuk, without representatives of the Yezidis, went to Washington to solve the problems of the Shangal region

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A delegation from the province of Dahuk visited the United States of America to discuss and solve the problems of Kurdistan and the Shangal region, respectively, the places of residence of the Yezidi population, it is noteworthy that there were no representatives of Yezidis in the delegation.

The governor of Dahuk, Ali Tatar, highlighted the problems of the entire Kurdistan, in turn, Washington officials reiterated their support for Kurdistan.

Since there were no representatives from the Yezidi side at the meeting, Washington did not learn about the plight of the Yezidi population in the camps for refugees and displaced persons. They also did not learn that to this day there are Yazidi women and children in the families of ISIS terrorists.

The United States called on the Kurds to unite and prevent disagreements between political parties. Washington insists on the implementation of the Shangal Agreement, and demands that illegal armed groups located in the Yezidi region leave Shangal.

Mlêtê Êzidî

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