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Hassan Khadr recalls his last days in Sinjar

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The story of 43-year-old Yazid, Hassan Khadr is heartbreaking. Hassan and his wife survived the ISIS attack on their village, but lost three children. They are still haunted by the nightmares of those days, and they do not know whether their children are alive or dead, the spouses recall:

"We survived the worst days of our lives there, we are still in fear for the fate of our children, since we still do not know anything about them. In those days when we were waiting for help in the mountains, at night we could hear the screams of women and the moans of the sick sleeping on the rocky ground, sometimes shots were heard. We are still haunted by the nightmares of those days

ISIS killed dozens of people at the intersection of our village and on the roads leading to the mountain. We really hope that our children are still alive, their fate is unknown, we do not know if they are captured by ISIS or died. This is a deep wound that will not heal and forces us to experience a tragedy every day".

"After nine years, nothing has changed in Yazidi reality, so we say that the genocide continues, because its consequences and foundations are still present and affect Yazidis everywhere", says Faris Kati, adviser to the Supreme Spiritual Council of Yazidis and Public Relations Officer of the Cultural Center at the Lalish Temple and Social Management.

Katti adds, commenting on the description in many European countries of what Yazidis were subjected to as genocide: "Even international recognition has no real value anymore, because the UN declarations have not gone beyond the stage of declarations, and nothing has actually changed on the ground.

Yes, Yazidis need international official recognition and judicial recognition of the crimes of genocide in order to avoid their recurrence in the future, but this must be accompanied by international pressure to force Iraq to create conditions and provide guarantees for the life of Yazidis in their geography in safety".

Activist Saad Hussein believes that all Yazidis face difficult circumstances between two options of returning to the destroyed Sinjar, where there is a struggle for influence between several local and regional forces, and accepting the life of the camps, "but the situation is more difficult for those whose daughters or sons have disappeared, who do not know whether they are alive or dead They are looking forward to a thorough search of the ISIS family camps in Al-Hawl, Syria, or the opening of graves and the identification of their victims, and this will require many more years of waiting. After all, every Yazidi lives in a state of frustration and anxiety, seeing that many executioners are free today, and the victims have been displaced forever".

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