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Training seminar on "peace-building" and conflict resolution in order to strengthen social cohesion in the Shangal region

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In Erbil, a three-day peacebuilding training seminar was held as part of the project “Empowering and Engaging Mechanisms for the Yezidi Community with Local Authorities to Strengthen Social Cohesion in Shangal”. The seminar is conducted by the People's Relief Organization in collaboration with the Iraqi Minority Alliance Network and in coordination with the partner organization «Olive Branch Organization». And with the participation of local Yezidis, as part of a series of exercises, with the support of UNDP.

Khaled Ibrahim from Shangal spoke about the importance of his participation in the training workshop:

«The seminar was attended by a wonderful elite of Shangal residents, representatives of Yezidis and Muslims from different groups, families, religious and academic backgrounds. We have considered such issues and problems as dual administration, armed groups, the return of Yazidi refugees, ideological and social conflicts, civil services and justice.

The seminar was characterized by a frank presentation of unresolved problems, thorough analysis and constructive discussion with clarity and transparency stemming from a sense of responsibility for the future of the city. To achieve a sustainable peace that guarantees the peaceful coexistence of its components and prevent a repeat of what happened before».

Activist Amira Said spoke about the importance of such seminars and discussions:

«The scale of the genocide to which our Yezidi people were subjected in Shangal, and the results resulting from captivity, murder, destruction, displacement, etc., are not hidden from all of us, and this gave rise to a kind of dismantling and destruction of the social structure of Shangal society.

Today, we must all work to restore national unity and a sense of responsibility for each person in order to open a new page based on justice and equality. This will only happen with the achievement of justice and responsibility of those who had a hand in the crimes that affected the residents of the city».

At the end of the training, participants were awarded certificates of participation in the course.

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