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Yazidi Diaspora in Armenia

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Yazidi diaspora in Armenia is one of the largest Yazidi communities in the world after Germany. An estimated 35,000 to 40,000 Yazidis live in Armenia, constituting the largest minority in the country.

Yazidis are a national and religious minority that has faced persecution and violence throughout history. In 2014, ISIL launched a genocidal campaign against Yazidis in Iraq and Syria, killing thousands and enslaving thousands of women and children. Many Yazidis have also fled to Armenia to escape the violence.

Yazidi Diaspora in Armenia has a long history. The first Yazidis arrived in Armenia in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, fleeing persecution in the Ottoman Empire. While emigrating, many died on the road, some Yazidis survived and remained in Armenia.

After World War II, the Soviet Union recognized Yazidis as a separate nationality. This gave Yazidis some rights and protection, but they still faced discrimination and persecution.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Yazidi community in Armenia shrank significantly. Many Yazidis emigrated to Russia and Europe.

Yazidi community in Armenia is concentrated in the Armavir region, where several Yazidi villages are located. There is also a large Yazidi community in the capital, Yerevan. Yazidis in Armenia have their own schools, religious centers and cultural organizations.

Yazidi diaspora in Armenia is a diverse community, with members from all fields, including doctors, lawyers, engineers and business owners. In recent years, there have been calls for the Armenian government to do more to protect and promote the rights of Yazidi community.

Yazidi community in Armenia has faced some challenges in recent years. Some Yazidis have complained of discrimination in employment and housing. Armenia also lacks Yazidi schools and Yazidi cultural institutions.

Despite the challenges they face, Yazidis in Armenia are a stable and vibrant community. They are proud of their culture and heritage and strive to maintain their identity in Armenia.

Yazidis are a resilient and resourceful people who have overcome persecution and violence throughout their history. Yazidis in Armenia are an important part of the country's diverse and vibrant culture.

The Armenian government has taken some steps to address these issues, such as passing a law against discrimination and establishing a Department of Yazidi Affairs. However, more needs to be done to protect and promote the rights of Yazidi community in Armenia.

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