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The social entropy of the Yezidis

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Social entropy or national-ethnic entropy leads to the disintegration of social subjects, for example, ethnic and religious groups. Our nation, the Yezidis, also falls under these groups.

It is easy to guess that we, the Yezidis, are also in a kind of social entropy. As I wrote earlier, our people are very vulnerable and easy to manipulate, and we have also allowed entropy into our social life. But what is social entropy?

Imagine that you bought yourself two cabinets, one of the cabinets you filled in a chaotic manner, and the other, on the contrary, sorted things in order. From this we can understand that it will be easier to find the right thing in the second closet, right? The same thing happens to us Yezidis, the entropy to which we are subject makes our people chaotic. We are not united, we have lost trust in each other, we listen more to the "experts" of another nation than our own.

The «funniest» thing about this is that there is no "great" conspiracy against our nation. Sometimes, it seems to me, if there was a conspiracy, it would be much easier to explain everything that is happening to our Yezidi people.

We live in a time where social entropy can be not only "natural", but also artificially recreated. There is a rapidly growing social world around us, where social foundations are changing at lightning speed, technologies are developing incredibly fast, which has led to social consequences that have brought into our community not a small split that no one foresaw. Below I will list those technologies that radically change the social order not only of our people:

- Social networks
- Artificial intelligence
- Robotization
- Genetic engineering

These four technologies are the four horsemen of entropy, especially for our small people - the Yezidis.

Let's look at each "rider":

"Most of all, it is the social network that brings social entropy to our Yezidi community. If we look at our history, we know that the Yezidi society is "closed", and it is still difficult to study it, even to the point that religious figures do not give permission to film rituals during holidays. Sometimes it seems that the majority of Yezidis practically challenge the social. networks.
I am already silent about those sexist prohibitions for Yazidi girls who do not allow them to use social networks.

When it comes to social networks, the situation sometimes reaches the point of absurdity, of course, this does not concern the whole community, but only some part of it. Here it is clearly seen that we ourselves introduce entropy into our community. The publicity that social networks provide and the closeness that accompanies our community collide and this leads to chaos - chaos that devours our people.

We will discuss the remaining "riders" as one. Many people will find it strange why I introduced these technologies. In fact, everything is extremely simple, our Yezidi community is little informed about them (Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Genetic Engineering) and because of this, many do not worry about it. But what will happen to the future generation of our community, who will live side by side with these technologies, just as we now live with social networks? After all, social networks have brought a lot of social entropy into our community. Imagine what genetic engineering or robotics will do to our community?"

I have included these three controversial in your opinion "horsemen" in this article for one reason, so that many of us think about it now and be ready for such social entropy. We are Yezidis, we have lost our foresight. Let us recall the same Sheikh Adi, who reformed Yezidism so that it would survive to this day. Therefore, we should start adapting not only to the current realities, but also to the future.
We need to understand that the boundaries that used to clearly separate traditions and social life are now barely visible. Adapting to them can preserve our identity, even if a little bit not in the form that our ancestors would like to see.

Fear of technology is just one type of social entropy.

I would also like to write about everyday social manipulation.
Let's imagine such a "picture" you are a Yazidi who feels out of place, and why you feel this you cannot understand. It would seem that there is work, family, friends all by the standards of our time, but there is one thing that, like a worm, devours you. Have you turned on the TV or started "surfing" on the Internet, in a word - everyday routine, not ambitions. You don't care about anything, you're just a Yazidi who goes with the flow. Congratulations, you are under the influence of a social manipulation called "existence". Your personality is in "sleep mode", you do not care about the fate of your "I", where is there to the future of our nation.
You don't ask yourself the question – "what will happen to my nation in the future?". At the moment you are interested, let me guess, "when will this pandemic end?!".

I'll tell you what, ask how the pandemic has affected or will affect our community. If you can't find the answer to the question, ask those who do it. Ask yourself another question, what kind of future do I want to leave to my child? The answers lie somewhere on the surface, but this surface is hidden from us under the dome of manipulation and entropy.

Most Yazidis think about their future at "feasts", when they say magnificent toasts, then they go to their homes and that's it, thoughts about the future disappear. The reason for this is not our weakness or indifference, but the fact that we are constantly being taught this through social manipulation. Fear and a hazy future blinded us. We have been "recoded" to ask those questions that will take our consciousness out of the field of view of manipulation. This applies not only to the Yezidis, but to all nations.
The four "horsemen" I wrote about above are also part of the manipulation. Our existence is a closed circle of social entropy.

In conclusion, there will be no enthusiastic words about what I have found for us Yezidis to get out of the vicious circle and solve all our problems. Being aware of what awaits us and adapting to the future and the present is a priority for any community. I will say this, we must begin to understand that the consequences of entropy are inevitable, we just have to mitigate them.

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