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Yezidis of Iraq participated in the annual pilgrimage to Mount Qarajal

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Hundreds of Yazidi residents from the Shariya complex and surrounding towns in Duhok Governorate, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, participated in the annual "Karajal Pilgrimage" on Wednesday.

The pilgrimage involves a trek of over 5 kilometers on foot to the peak of Mount Karajal, which overlooks the village of Sina.

Shafaq News Agency documented the event, capturing scenes of participants gathering at the summit, performing traditional dances accompanied by drums and flutes, and engaging in prayers and religious chants.

A key aspect of the ceremony is the symbolic act of each participant taking a branch from a tree near the shrine upon concluding the pilgrimage. Following tradition, men respectfully bid farewell to the shrine by turning their backs as they descend the mountain, while women follow in an orderly manner.

Birhat Qadi, a participant, explained the significance of the pilgrimage.

"This is one of the important religious rituals for Yazidis, held every year on the second Wednesday after our New Year," he said. "Hundreds from Shariya and nearby villages participate."

Another participant, Alia Salo, described the concluding festivities. "After descending, we gather in the square for dances and other rituals," she said. "Residents of Shariya then invite guests from outside the community to share a meal at our homes."

The Karajal Pilgrimage is one of 45 such events observed by Yazidis in various regions where they reside.

The Yazidi faith combines elements from various ancient Middle Eastern beliefs.

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