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Cultural Center of the Caucasus Yazidis congratulates the Yazidis of Iraq on the holiday "Cemaya Şixadî"

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The Yazidis of Iraq celebrate the holiday "Cemaya Şixadî". Yazidi holidays are officially approved by the Kurdistan Parliament" Cemaya Şixadî", is one of the most important religious events for the Yazidis of Iraq.

The holiday "Cemaya Şixadî" lasts for seven days from October 6 to 13, this is a sacred time when all Yazidis try to make a pilgrimage to Lalish to unite as one people at their shrine.

Cultural Center of the Caucasus Yazidis congratulates the Spiritual Leader of the Yazidi community, Bawe Sheikh, the Spiritual Assembly of Yazidis and all our Yazidi brothers and sisters in Iraq, Kurdistan and around the world, we wish you a peaceful sky over your head.

Taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity, we call on all parties to make efforts to preserve and develop a culture of coexistence and brotherhood between all religious and ethnic communities of Iraq and Kurdistan.

It is noteworthy that the Yazidis of the former Soviet Union do not celebrate this holiday.

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