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Christian and Yazidi parties warn of demographic changes in Sinjar

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The Christian and Yazidi parties issued a statement warning of demographic changes and manipulation of real estate documents in Sinjar and the valleys of Nineveh.

The statement from a group of political parties said that they had received information from official sources that municipal departments in the province of Nineveh are promoting transactions to sell and transfer ownership of residential land in the Tel Kaif area, which is one of the Christian and Yazidi areas of the Nineveh Plain to people who are not from the area and do not belong to the Christian and Yazidi component. The statement said these initiatives and steps are in clear violation of the constitution and the 2013 Federal Supreme Court decision:

"Based on the constitution on this issue, the decision of the Federal Supreme Court prohibits any acquisition of real estate, land or housing in order to change the demographic balance between the different components of the Iraqi people. These activities are illegal and supported by corrupt and radical officials against the national minorities".

The statement called on the prime minister and housing officials to intervene without delay and instruct the relevant authorities to stop any measures aimed at sorting and distributing land in areas historically owned by people of the Christian and Yazidi community in Iraq.

The political parties said in a statement that the movement aims to push Christians and Yazidis to emigrate and prevent the return of many Christians and Yazidis who have fled their homes and regions because of the brutal persecution they suffered at the hands of the terrorist organization ISIS in 2014.

The statement indicated that despite the expulsion of ISIS fighters from the region, only 45% of the original Christian and Yazidi population returned to the Sinjar region, noting that there were 102,000 Christians 200,000 Yazidis living in the area before 2014, but their numbers have decreased several-fold. Their numbers are expected to decline further by 2024 due to political instability, insecurity, and social and economic reasons.

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