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Stop the hatred of Yazidis

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"We must not allow innocent people to be threatened. It is our common responsibility to protect and safeguard the Yazidi community.

As a member of the Human Rights Committee (in the German Parliament), I strongly condemn the campaign of hatred and threats against Yazidis in northern Iraq.

It is time for all officials in Iraq to act decisively and take all necessary measures to protect IDP camps and allow Yazidis to return safely to their areas of origin in Shangal.

The other day, Iraqi authorities arrested a criminal suspected of belonging to ISIS in the Shangal area. A fierce smear campaign was launched against Yazidis, claiming that they had carried out some sort of "revenge" and were falsely accused of destroying a mosque in the Shangal area.

This claim is demonstrably false and has since been officially disproved. However, it has been used as an opportunity to threaten particularly vulnerable people in refugee camps. Most of them survived the genocide that took place in 2014. Many of them are now trying to escape from the camps for fear of attacks by radicals.

We must not allow prejudice and misinformation to threaten the safety and well-being of this community. We have a shared responsibility to protect Yazidis and to allow them to return safely to their places of origin. Hate and threats are unacceptable and must never be tolerated.

Mlêtê Êzidî

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