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Nadia Murad participated in conference on prevention of sexual violence in conflict

Read: 1297     15:30     01 Декабрь 2022    

Nadia Murad participated in PSVI’s conference on prevention of sexual violence in conflict. The conference’s theme ForSurvivorsWithSurvivors emphasizes the importance of centering survivors’ stories, voices, and input in all levels of policy making to prevent and address sexual violence. Nadia Murad mentioned that she is humbled to stand with survivors from all over the world to call on the international community to take action to end CRSV globally.

The conference was also a reminder that so many victims of CRSV could not be with us. Those like Nadia Murad's nieces Kathrine and Nisrin who were killed while trying to escape ISIS captivity, whose remains have yet to be found and recovered. The thousands of Yazidi women and children who are still missing in captivity. The thousands of women in Ukraine, Tigray and all over the world whose voices have been silenced or whose stories have yet to be heard. It is for all of them that we continue this fight for accountability. To honor their memory and the memory of all those who did not survive, we must take concrete action to tackle the root causes of gender inequality throughout the globe.

As Nadia Murad reminded international leaders today and every day, survivors and women around the world don’t need a call to action. We need action, period.

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