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What will happen to the Yazidi refugees who will be returned to Iraq

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Today Iraq will send the first special flight to Belarus to return its citizens

Today, on November 18, the Iraqi government will send the first special flight to take its migrants out of Belarus. Among these people there may be Yezidi refugees, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country reports.
Thousands of Iraqis, including dozens of Yazidi families and thousands of Kurdish citizens, are among the migrants stuck on the border of Belarus and Poland, trying to find a way to enter the European Union. The Iraqi government has previously stated that it is ready to repatriate migrants who have applied for voluntary return home.
Yazidi refugees have nowhere to return to, most of the towns and villages are in ruins. There is practically a humanitarian catastrophe in the camps where Yazidi refugees live. There is no food, water, infrastructure, roads, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, jobs for the Yezidi population. Most of the humanitarian aid sent by the European Union for Yezidi refugees is stolen by the Barzani Foundation before reaching the Yezidis.
According to our sources, things are much better in the camps where ISIS families live, the family members of the terrorists are fully supported by foreign sponsors and donors, practically needing nothing.
The Iraqi Government is trying to return refugees to Iraq with all possible and impossible promises.
Press Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ahmad Sahaf told reporters that the first flight to Belarus will take place today, the government of Iraq is ready to provide all necessary assistance to rescue all citizens.
Explaining that, although conditions at the EU borders are deteriorating, migrants can return home only voluntarily, since their illegal crossing into the EU is unacceptable for European countries.
The spokesman added that the federal government has allocated 300 million Iraqi dinars (more than $205,000) to support migrants.
Earlier this month, Iraq was forced to revoke the work permit of the Belarusian consulate in Baghdad and Erbil, as well as suspend all flights to and from Minsk to prevent the accumulation of migrants at the EU borders.
"Will Europe show humanity and open the doors of the European Union to refugees? What will happen to the Yezidi refugees on the border of Belarus and Poland?" - unfortunately, no one can give concrete answers to these and other questions yet.

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