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The Yazidi Spiritual Council in Iraq receives a delegation of German civil society organizations

Read: 611     15:30     21 Март 2022    

The head of the Supreme Spiritual Council of the Yezidis, Hazem Tahsin Said, received respected activists working in the humanitarian sphere and civil society from Germany at the residence of the Baadri district. The meeting was attended by Bawe Sheikh Ali Elias, wife Hazem Tahsin Said Mian Khairi Bey and Director of the Spiritual Council Ali Khader Elias.
Bawe Sheikh Ali Elias discussed with the visiting delegation the most important humanitarian problems faced by displaced Yezidis and the Yezidi community. The Emir also touched upon the severe medical and psychological suffering suffered by the Yezidis as a result of the ISIS invasion of their areas of residence. The problem of violent sexual acts against Yezidi girls by ISIS criminals is particularly serious.
Bawe Sheikh called on humanitarian organizations to extend a helping hand to these victims and find ways to provide them with the necessary treatment.
For their part, activists from Germany thanked Bawe Sheikh Ali Elias for his briefing and a brief explanation of the conditions of the displaced Yezidis.


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