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Yazidis celebrate Charshama Sarsale

Read: 1009     12:30     13 Апрель 2021    

Charshama Saresale is one of the most ancient festivals on Earth, which dates to the cults of Mesopotamia and Babylon. Elements of the holiday have been preserved by many peoples, it is celebrated under the names Charshama Sor, Aida Sarmale, Sarmale Tausi Malak, Aida Tausi Malak.

On this day, the faithful gather in the temples, where the priests read prayers (Qawla), those present light oil lamps, the walls of the Yazidi shrines sparkle with the lights of hundreds of lamps, giving them an amazingly beautiful view. One of the most important elements of the holiday is the coloring of eggs in different colors, symbolizing the life and diversity of the world.

Dear Yazidi community, we would like to congratulate you on Charsham Sarsale on behalf of the editorial staff and on behalf of our organization. We wish you all the best and may God protect you.


Sincerely, the Editorial staff of the site Yazidis.info

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