Yezidis of Georgia celebrated Aida Khidir Nabi and Aida Khidr Ailas

Read: 4748     12:30     18 Февраль 2022    

Yesterday, on February 17, Yezidis around the world celebrated Aida Hidir Nabi and Aida Hidr Islas.
Employees of the Cultural Center of the Caucasus Yezidis on Friday visited the Ziaryat Ezid (Quba Siltan Ezid) in Tbilisi, where the clergy celebrated the holiday of Aida Hidir Nabi and Aida Hidr Ailas. The clergy conducted a religious ritual, after which they blessed and congratulated both all the guests of the Temple and all the Yezidis of the world. Unmarried and unmarried young people were treated to "Totka şor" kind of salty tortillas, eating which before going to bed, you can see your future destiny in a dream. Those who wanted to make cherished wishes had the opportunity to tie knots on silk canvases.
After the religious rituals, the guests were invited to the Cultural Center at the temple, where a banquet was waiting for those present. The clergy told the guests about the origin of the holiday itself.

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