Rajaa Senjo Yezidi artist poet writer

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Rajaa Senjo is a Yazidi by origin father of three children. A talented writer, poet, artist, calligrapher, as well as a wonderful musician who plays the saza (buzuka).
He left his studies at the final stage for financial reasons, then opened a modest store to earn a living due to the force majeure of that time.
In addition to his artistic activities, Raja began to learn to play the buzuka, taught courses in drawing and calligraphy, until he became a well-known person in the city in portraiture, out of competition.
He read hundreds of books and created the largest library of his time. Finally, he turned his attention to writing and poetry until his name appeared on all the literary and artistic forums of the Arab world of Bahzani and Bashiki, leaving his mark with artistic and literary achievements.

The beginning of portrait art.

"One day a girl asked me to draw a picture of a famous artist for her, two days later I finished the work, and from that day I started receiving new applications for portraits.
When ISIS entered the city in 2014, a huge archive of my paintings and art manuscripts was burned, which exceeded 1,270 paintings and manuscripts. Despite all this, I did not give up in the face of this great loss, so I continued the process of moving forward in the art of painting, even in the days of my emigration and relocation from my hometown during the fierce ISIS attack."
After Raja began to publish his paintings on social networks, dozens of requests for paintings began to arrive to him, from all countries of Europe and the West.
He has more than 6,950 paintings and hundreds of manuscripts signed with his fingerprints, which is considered a huge amount in portraiture, especially since it is one of the most complex pictorial arts.

I translate music to my strings

"I started playing since 1995, and I created musical instruments myself. At first it was a wooden box and a stem with voice strings made of telephone wires. I started trying to perform simple melodies by Ibrahim Tatlis. After that, I learned to play and started creating better quality musical instruments, some friends started learning to play from me."

Literary achievements of the poet

Rajaa Senjo participated and won several electronic awards from different countries of the Arab world, including:

- International Federation of Arab Writers
- Arab Federation of Literary Talents
- Mashrek Cultural Forum
- Pulse of the Poetry and Literature Forum
- State Forum of Culture and Literature
- Poetry and Literature Forum "Sea of Words"
- Baghdad Literary Forum
- Alphabet International University of Culture and Peace
- Creative and Literary magazine
- Khona Beirut Magazine
- Art of Arts Magazine and Al-Kazemi Publishing and Media Foundation
- Lebanese magazine Sarke Kalam
- Journal of the Pioneers of Algerian Literature
- Journal of Moroccan Poetry Palawan
- Journal of Cultural Media
- Hypatia Cultural Magazine
- Emerald Royal Literary Magazine
- Journal of Tunisian Arab Thinkers
- Egyptian Literary Magazine
- Avtar Al Nur Literary Magazine
- Atlas Magazine of Literary Creativity
- Shatt Al Arab Ir
- Journal of Moroccan Life Culture and Literature
- Wajh Al Khater Literary Magazine
- Poetry and Literature magazine "Knights of the Word"
- All Libyan Letters magazine
- Jordanian Journal of Thought and Literature
- Iraqi Magazine and Al-Wamid Association
- Al-Hilk magazine and newspaper
- Al-Hadbaa Literary Newspaper
- Buh Al-Yasmin Newspaper
- Egyptian newspaper
- Newspaper from A to Z
- Iraqi newspaper Al-Dutour
- Independent newspaper "Akalam Hurra"
- Platform of Arab writers and Poets
- Association of Egyptian Arab Writers
- Abaq Al Yasmin Literary Foundation

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