The sun in the artistic work of Kasim Alsharki

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"I consider my works as a dialogue, as a bridge between what was and what can be. Therefore, it is interesting for me to present my works to a wide audience. I am looking for an opportunity for discussion in a suitable atmosphere, in conference halls," writes Kasim Alsharki on his website, which contains photos of his paintings. Who is Kasim Alsharki?

Kasim Alsharki was born on March 10, 1990 in Khanasor (Shangal region). Qasim is a Yazidi by nationality, from the Mrid caste. In 2011, he moved to Lower Saxony as a refugee in Germany. Currently, he lives in two cities – Hanover and Goslar.

Kasim graduated from hairdressing courses in Germany, and also studied at several art courses in painting. Since childhood, he showed a creative nature. At the age of seven, he began to paint.

Alsharki now works as a hairdresser, but does not forget about his main purpose – artistic creativity. He has an art workshop where he creates Yazidi-themed paintings. Moreover, his love for his people and culture is expressed not only in his paintings. Qasim also participates as a Yazidi activist in various events.

His works belong to the surrealist direction of painting. K. Alsharki embodies his experiences and memories in oil and acrylic paintings. The sun plays an important role in his work, because it reflects the life and history of his people. The artist has great respect for nature and the four elements, so he tries to combine them in his works. His symbolic works of art are the truth about the past and the future. His website says that for him art means the sun.

In his paintings, you can often see mountains, trees and other natural elements. One of the main themes of the paintings is Yazidi culture and religion. In an interview with the correspondent of EzîdîNews, Kasim Alsharki said that he dreams of bringing the voice of the Yezidis to the whole world through his art, and also uses his paintings dedicated to the genocide of the Yezidis as a crime document. In addition, his art is a way to express his desire to live, to convey light, the future, the past and development.

Currently, the Yazidi artist has more than 40 paintings ready to participate in exhibitions. A lot of articles have been written about the work of Kasim Alsharki in German regional newspapers.

Translated by David Babaev

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