Lamara Faro is a unique Yezidi artist

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In the usual sense, an artist is a person who paints on canvas or pencils on paper. But modern art in some areas is represented by unusual forms and methods of expression. Among artists in recent years, people painting with sand have aroused particular interest. And there are those who have come up with a more complex and unusual method of creating paintings. One of the unique artists is Lamara Faro, the founder of a new direction in art in the technique of miniature.

Lamara was born on July 31, 1970, in a Yezidi family in Gyumri (Armenia). In 1988 she moved to Moscow. Lamara devoted her whole life to her family, having nothing to do with art. But as they say, His Majesty decides everything by chance. In 2005, she saw on TV a story about an American couple who draws instant coffee. So, the idea to draw yourself was born. But Lamara began to create her miniatures with ground coffee.

Lamara did not immediately learn how to create her masterpieces. It was not possible to keep the patterns on paper, as the coffee crumbled. Then the artist decided to work with wet coffee in a small bowl. But even there the coffee dried up and the paintings crumbled. As a result of a long search, Lamara came up with a unique technology that allows you to keep the miniatures volumetric. The artist keeps her technology a secret.

Creating each miniature is a painstaking job that takes from several hours to several days. Then the artist photographs her masterpieces and transfers them to murals and large-format canvases. Her works are admired. Each picture is a mystery and opens a wide scope for the imagination of the observer.

In 2013, the first exhibition of unique miniatures presented in the form of photographs was held. The guests of the exhibition were delighted with the unusual art and highly appreciated the paintings of the artist.

In 2013, the Italian company BOTTEGA ARTIGIANA TIFERNATE became interested in Lamara Faro's works. This company specializes in creating reproductions of fresco painting, painting on canvas and blackboard using new methods and technologies used in historical craft workshops during the Renaissance, which allows you to achieve a high level of realism of the original work. This Italian factory reproduces the artist's paintings on all materials.

From September 22 to October 20, Lamara Faro's works were presented at Gallery N at the international exhibition "And now you yourself ..." — Abstractionism or Reality, which was held as a special project within the framework of the Fifth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

From October 16 to 21, Crocus Expo hosted the international exhibition of interiors "Milan- Moscow. Interiors of the Future", which featured paintings by Faro, executed on frescoes of the Italian factory "Bottega Artigiana". Lamara's participation in the exhibition was covered by the TV channel "Domashny" and the magazine "Women's Secrets".

On April 9, the Moscow Music Hall hosted the event "Pro Fashion Games 2014", in which the artist Lamara Faro took part with her masterpieces. "Pro Fashion Games 2014" is an international exhibition project, which presented the works of young designers, as well as representatives of the fashion industry.

The talented artist participates in many other exhibitions and events. Her unique art will continue to conquer connoisseurs of abstract genres.

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