Ekaterina Ameyan's novel "The Mysterious Maiden"

Read: 1128     12:30     04 Октябрь 2021    

The book was published by the intellectual publishing platform for independent writers Ridero and went on sale in the leading online bookstores: Amazon.ru, Liters, Ozon.ru, TD "Moscow" (moscowbooks.ru), Google Books (books.google.ru), Bookz.ru, Lib.aldebaran.ru, iknigi.net, Bookland.com, and is also placed on the showcases of mobile applications Everbook, MTS, Beeline, etc.. Fans of Ekaterina Ameyan's work can purchase the novel in paper format or download an electronic version. On the book's website ridero.ru/books/ links to bookstores are posted, a part of the novel is also published, which can be read for familiarization.
The writer is known among the Yezidis for her Russian-language works, many of which are dedicated to the Yezidi theme and imbued with a patriotic spirit. In 2014, she became a laureate of the International Literary and Poetic Competition " Life, do you remember the soldiers?
"My novel" The Mysterious Maiden" will surprise my readers with its content, because many expect that it is dedicated to the Yazidis or some patriotic, serious topic , but the novel is youthful, a little naive and romantic. This is the first fruit of my imagination, an attempt at the first philosophical reflections and the creation of a work in a major genre. I wrote it from 2004 to 2009, after which I periodically edited it. Since then, my views have changed in many ways, but I think that my readers will be interested in reading my novel, " commented Ekaterina Ameyan.