Mem Û Zîn

Read: 2729     16:00     23 Август 2019    

Based on the poem Ahmad Hani, the film tells the story of two lovers Mam and Zin.

A young Kurdish boy falls in love with Zin, the daughter of Governor Botan. They met at the feast the occasion of Navroz, not knowing each other's names, only exchanged looks and that was enough that between them there was something wonderful - love. The film, like the poem, shows us that the path of love is thorny. When you watch this movie to the end I want to believe that this sudden and pure love will be eternal. To some extent, after watching the film in our hearts, this love remains eternal.

As Shakespeare bequeathed us in his tragedies, in every story there will always be someone who will interfere in every way with this love.

I would also like to note that in the poem "Mam and Zin" , the author wanted to emphasize the identity of the Kurdish people and for this he even wrote a poem in Kurdish, which was not typical for the 17th century , because almost every poet , writer of Kurdish origin tried to write in Persian. The author decided to choose another way.