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If the Iraqi government could protect us, we wouldn't need the "Yazidi Survivors Act"

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Hala Safil, a member of the Yazidi Women Survivors' Council, comments on the Survivors' Law, including the establishment of a committee to investigate and search for abducted women, which has yet to be formed, and the financial compensation of the Office of Survivors' Affairs: "I don't know why everyone is focusing on the material aspect of the Survivors' Law at a time when all Iraqi citizens were entitled to compensation like social security.

If we were protected, we wouldn't be captives and kidnapped women by the hands of ISIS. If we were protected, they would not be killing our families and comrades, displaced people in camps or migrants at the gates of European countries.

If the government could protect us, we wouldn't need a law like this. The Survivors Law and all other Iraqi laws cannot compensate for my disappointment in a country that could not protect me, my family or my people, the law cannot bring back my family that was killed by ISIS terrorists, the law cannot give me back my honor and dignity that was taken away."

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