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Neo-fascism is a new threat to the Yazidis in the post-Soviet world

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The fact that the Yezidis are facing big problems, unfortunately, has already become something commonplace. Despite this, the Yezidis have always been looking for a safe place to live in peace and develop. For these reasons, Yazidis often migrated to better countries in search of a stable future. In the post-Soviet world, Yezidis most often chose countries such as Georgia, Armenia, Russia and Ukraine for a safe life. Every Yezidi in these countries finds a corner in which he lives and develops, while always holding an apolitical position.

In recent years, ultra-right parties or racist movements (neo-fascism) have become more active in post-Soviet countries.

To begin with, I would like to note and explain a little what neo-fascism is:

"The scientific assessment of the concept of "neo-fascism" depends on what meaning is put into the prefix "neo". If we attach substantial significance to its content or structure, ideology or political strategy, then serious doubts arise about the validity of such a definition. After all, all studies of the phenomena denoted by this word show: despite the prefix "neo", the essence of fascism has not changed."

Consequently, the world has not yet eradicated fascism, due to the fact that the mentality of some "people" does not want and cannot accept tolerant and humane ideas. It is easier for such "individuals" to put their nationality above others.

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