The head of the Cultural Center of the Caucasus Yezidis was invited to the online broadcast of the Lalesh TV channel called «Dialogue»

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The head of the Cultural Center of the Caucasus Yezidis – Iurii Smoev, was invited to the program «Dialogue» of the channel «Lalesh TV», hosted by Temur Tital.

Introducing himself, Yuri Smoev told the audience about the activities of the non-governmental organization Cultural Center of the Caucasus Yezidis with the assistance of the website The head of the Cultural Center stressed that the purpose of the organization is to show and tell the world about the problems and situation of the Yezidis, that the priority for himself and his organization's employees is to support the Yezidi national minority in matters of preserving language, tradition, culture, religion and identity.

Thus, for two years in a row, the Cultural Center of the Caucasus Yezidis submits reports to the UN International Convention about the situation of the Yezidis in the countries of the South Caucasus. The employees of the organization are human rights researchers, speak at various venues and regional forums of the UN on the protection of the rights of national minorities. They participate in various international human rights forums in order to convey to the world community all the problems that the Yezidis have experienced and are still experiencing all over the world.

Also, they discussed the problems of the Yezidi people living both in Iraq and Syria, and in the countries of the former USSR and their immigration. Consequences of the genocide of the Yazidis of 2014, the difficulties that the Yazidis living in IDP camps are still experiencing.

According to Iurii, the Yezidi people lack a "Leader" to whom the Yezidis would listen, who would be able to protect their people.

According to the head of the Cultural Center of the Caucasus Yezidis, in order to protect the Yezidi language and culture, it is necessary to speak with the younger generation, speak with them in their native language, and perhaps in this way we will be able to preserve our culture, language, history and religion.

You can watch discussions of these and other issues on the Lalesh TV channel:

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