Yazidi community held a festive event on Armenia's Independence Day

Read: 1707     12:30     29 Май 2023    

Every year on May 28 the Republic of Armenia celebrates the Day of Declaration of Independence. On the occasion of the holiday the Yeaidi community of Armenia held an event dedicated to the brotherly relations of the Armenian and Yazidi peoples in the Nor Nork Friendship Park, where as you know there is a monument of the Yazidi commander Jangir Agha.

Yazidis' contribution to the formation of Armenian statehood is invaluable. In particular, the Armenian people remember the great Yazidi commander Jangir Agha, who helped establish the Armenian statehood in 1918.

Rustam Bakoyan, Khdr Ajoyan, Said Avdalyan and other prominent figures of the Yazidi community of Armenia spoke at the event. The children's folk-dance group demonstrated national dances to those present.

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