Prime Minister appeals to 'sincere youth' with open letter

Read: 380     11:00     10 Май 2024    

Since the start of the review of the Law on Transparency, protests have been held in Tbilisi, in which up to 10,000 people regularly participate, a large number of young people participating in the protests are completely insincere young "nationalists", - Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Kobakhidze speaks about this in an open letter, which, according to him, , addresses "sincere young people".

The head of the Government notes that the TV stations belonging to the "National Movement" emphasize the young age of a large part of these people, as well as their sincerity, and spread a well-ordered "message" that the government does not listen to sincere young people.

"I will not say much about the fact that a large part of the young people who participate steadily in the actions are completely insincere young "nationalists". These are the youth organizations of "National Movement", Gvaramia-Melia, Gakharia and Khazaradze, which unite dozens of violent youth. Khazaradze finances the "Gen-z" movement, whose leader is significantly older than "Gen-z". Violent youth organizations funded by Kezerashvili and foreign donors with black and opaque money - "Shame Movement", "Franklin Club", "Academy of the Future", "Students for the European Future", "Movement for Freedom", "Dafioni", and etc. which gather about 200 activists on a regular basis and together with the direct party asset, constitute the main core of violent youth", the Prime Minister says.