The Secret Order of the Peacock Angel

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*This article does not claim historical authenticity

A person has always had a craving for the mysterious, so from time immemorial they have created various secret societies, such as the Illuminati , Masons, Templars , assassins, etc.Today, dear reader, we will plunge into the history of the secret order (cult) of the "Angel Peacock". As we know, in our religion, it represents the heads of angels, to whom God has entrusted worldly affairs. Here you will wonder how this order is connected with us Yazidis.
In the middle of the twentieth century, the mysterious author of the 1961 book "The History of Secret Societies", known under the pseudonym Arkon Darol, wrote about this order. To this day, no one really knows who he was, although many believe that the author was actually the 1960 mystic Idris Shah, but this has not been proven.
Let's go back to his book. In the book, Darol described a secret society called the Order of the Peacock Angel, which he encountered in the posh suburbs of London. In the book, Darol describes the rituals of this cult well:
"Somewhere in Puttenay, a respectable suburb of London, sixty men and women were whirling in ecstasy in an underground temple in front of a pitch-black statue of a peacock six feet high. From the narrow gallery, I could see the pool, in which the bird's paws were immersed, arabesques of wall paintings and an intricate pattern of the tiled floor."
According to Darol, the group was brought to the UK by a Syrian emigrant (here it is already possible to understand what nationality the emigrant had) in 1913. His ritual, apparently, is based on Kabbalah and sacred numbers and, apparently, is intended to “enlighten” members of the Church in finding their true vocation and life path. Their lodges are called "halkas" and must consist of at least seven members.
"There is nothing so extravagant in this cult, there are no sacrifices, there is no orgy. Members of the order do not dress provocatively, on the contrary, they dress quite simply despite their status. The order has a rather friendly atmosphere, everyone calls each other brothers and sisters."
Despite the fact that the cult looks quite simple, it actually has oddities. For example, the followers of the cult believed that they could use magic, the more people in the cult, the stronger the magic. By magic, they meant luck or divine destiny, for example, the high priest said: "If several adherents are next to each other and hear the "decree" to open some enterprise, then undoubtedly good luck will smile on them."
Also a priest of the cult, they are mysterious, because they do not want the outside world to treat them as fanatics. As we know, fanaticism leads to cruel consequences.
In the twentieth century, there were about hundreds of members of this order in the UK. The most interesting thing is that in our time in the United States there are similar orders.
The religion of our people inspires many people, up to such a level that secret orders appear. In our time, we are Yazidis, we forget about our religion and leave it only in the annals of history.

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