The remaining Scriptures of the Yazidis

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Yazidism – originated in ancient times, the date of its occurrence is not known to science. According to Yazidi mythology, religion arose together with the creation of man (yazida) by God on earth. In the anthem – “On the creation of the world" (Qewle Xerqe), refers to the birth of Yazid 90 thousand years ago before the creation of Adam and Eve: "Lord! All good and idle things are temporary, until Adam, Eve, Jesus and Mary, ninety thousand years I have existed under your rule."

Yazidi Scriptures consist of qawl (religious hymns) and Beit (song excerpts from mythological poems) and sacred books — "Jelwa" ("Book of revelation") and "Maskhave rash" ("Black book").

Since the birth of Islam in the VII century in the middle East, Iraq, Syria and Turkey, Yazidis have historically experienced, and still continue to experience genocide by some radical Islamists - who consider Yazidis "infidels". For a thousand four hundred years were destroyed written sources and material culture of Yazidis, pre-Islamic history is almost unknown. For possessing the Scriptures or other religious attributes, the Yazidis were subjected to cruel punishment in the eyes of the community. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of Yazidis have been ruthlessly executed, shot in masse, brutally stabbed in front of their loved ones, and women and girls have been subjected to savage violence. Their towns and villages were repeatedly destroyed and their property looted.

Fear for their lives and the threat of death of loved ones causes people to respect the mystery of faith and to pass on knowledge orally. Therefore, the religion of the Yezidis, with the exception of two books adapted under Islam "Jalwa" and "Maskhave rsah" was practically unwritten.

History of writing — "Jelwa" and "Maskhave rash" has more than a thousand years, according to historians, the sacred books of the Yazidis was created in the XI century reformer of yezidism Sheikh Adi Ibn Musafir (Şêх Adi, approx. 1074-1164). It was during his life that the Holy books "Mishefa Reş" (Black Book) and "Kitêba Cilwe" (Book of Revelation) were written in Yazidi letters.

The first was written by Hassan al-Bashi – Sheikh Adi's Secretary. The book contains arguments about the creation of the world, animals, nature, the life of St. Adi Ibn Mussafir, a description of the rites. The second book "Kitab Gilva" was written by Yazidi Sheikh Hassan al-Basry. The book deals with the issues of life and eternity. Along with the Yazidi Scriptures, the Bible and the Koran are also recognized. Sayings from the Koran are not considered contrary to the Yazidi faith. Christ's mission is recognized. Spread the cult of new saints (Adi, Shams, Baasle, etc.).

There is evidence that the Yazidis were other manuscripts, for example, Zebun and Mişur, which, apparently, destroyed.


Translated by David Babaev