Yezidism - the ancient religion of the Western Asia and the national religion

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Yezidism is the ancient religion of the Western Asia and the national religion. Yezidism is professed by one nation – the Yezidi people. Yezidis believe in one God, who is called Hod, which means the Master and Creator. The Hod for Yezidis symbolizes the light, love and hope. The God (Hod) created this world and nothing happens in our world without Him. The light of the God manifests itself in the rays of the sun. Therefore, while praying in the morning Yezidis also look to the east.

According to the Yezidi Scripture (Qawlam), the word Yezidism is used by us as a term established in science. At the same time, the religion itself (din) in Qullah is called Sharfadin, which is the personification of the Yezidi saint Malak Sharfadin. Yezidis say that their religion was widely distributed by Braim (Abraham, Ibrahim). Yezidism originates from Adam and continues till the present days. A feature of the Yezidi religion was that its followers initially lacked writing and everything was transmitted orally.

Yezidis worship three sacred places: Lalesh - Yezidi temple in Iraq, Jerusalem and Kaaba. Lalesh is the place of the Eden Garden, where the first man lived. Jerusalem is worshiped by Yezidis as the center of the earth. Yezidis worship the Kaaba because they consider it as the ancient home of Braim (Abraham), where the ancient people followed his faith in the Light of the God.

In order to understand the history of Yezidism, it shall be divided into stages (epochs). The most important stage and epoch was the “Epoch of Saints”, when the disciples of Sheikh Adi (Shikhadi) spread his teachings about the direct merging of the human spirit with the God. Yezidis believe that Shikhadi is the embodiment of the God.

Currently, the question of the spiritual origins of the teachings and activities of Shikhadi is used for attacking Yezidism. Modern Yezidis are an ethno-religious community, which cannot be entered from the outside, because Yezidis can only be born. People are trying to convince them that Shikhadi was not Yezidi and came from the outside, and the saddest thing is that some argue that Yezidism is a sect of Zoroastrianism or Islam. In fact, there can be no Yezidis without Shihadi, since his personality and worldview united this nation.