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Shangal: Water supply has been restored in Duggur

Read: 711     12:00     12 Февраль 2022    

Access to clean water and normal conditions is a priority for Yazidis returning to Shangal. Seriously damaged water infrastructure hinders the socio-economic development of the region, preventing thousands of Yezidis from restoring their livelihoods in a healthy and safe environment. To meet the region's urgent need for clean water, the Nadia Initiative is restoring the internal water supply networks in the village of Duggur. As part of the comprehensive WASH project, a total of 7.1 km of internal networks will be rehabilitated/built.

Additional work carried out in Duggur includes the restoration of two wells, two pumping rooms, one electrical transformer and a water pipe to connect wells to water tanks. This project will provide safe drinking water to more than 8,359 residents of Duggur.

The project is funded by the organization "UAE Aid".


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