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Yazidi diaspora in Germany

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Germany is home to the largest Yazidi diaspora in the world, with more than 250,000 Yazidis living in the country. The first Yazidis arrived in Germany in the 1970s, fleeing persecution in Iraq, Syria and Turkey. In 2014, after the genocide of Yazidis by ISIS, Germany took in thousands more Yazidi refugees and according to some sources there are already around 300,000 Yazidi emigrants living in Germany at the moment.

Yazidis are one of the oldest peoples in the world with their own religion, culture and language. They are a strictly endogamous group, which means they only marry within their community.

Yazidis in Germany have faced problems integrating into German society, including cultural and language barriers. However, Yazidi minority quickly integrated into German society, Yazidis have also made significant contributions to German society, and many Yazidis are now successful lawyers, attorneys, engineers, doctors, etc.

Yazidi community in Germany is well organized and has a number of cultural and religious associations. Germany also has a number of Yazidi media outlets such as Yazidi newspaper “Ezidi Press” and Yazidi radio station “Radio Ezidi”.

In 2023, the German government recognized the genocide of Yazidis by ISIS - as genocide. This was a significant step for Yazidi community and showed that the German government is committed to supporting Yazidi community and bringing the perpetrators of genocide to justice.

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