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Residents of Sheikhan urge the regional authorities to prevent accidents on the "road of death"

Read: 432     15:30     27 Декабрь 2021    

Residents of Sheikhan urge the authorities to respond to frequent traffic accidents on the road connecting Dohuk with Erbil.
Dozens of Yazidi activists appealed to the Kurdistan regional government to pay attention to the Baadra road (20 km), residents are asked to take measures to repair this section of the road, due to the frequent tragic accidents in this interval.
Drivers call this road "the road of death" after the tragic death of five people from one Yezidi family, the deceased were returning from a wedding from Alqosh.
Yezidi activists said that several accidents occur every month, claiming many lives, and appealed to the Kurdistan Regional Government to solve this problem by establishing a two-way transport corridor to reduce the number of such accidents.
Many activists on social media pages appealed to officials headed by the Governor of Dohuk and the Prime Minister to intervene and protect more lives that are lost every day, because this road connecting Dohuk with Erbil is one-way and has heavy traffic jams, which annually led to dozens of traffic accidents.

Jassim Badal Umi
Hassan Kaval Rashid

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