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Nadia Murad statement on the arrest of two suspected ISIS members accused of enslaving Yazidi girls

Read: 902     12:00     23 Апрель 2024    

On Wednesday 10th April 2024, the German authorities arrested two Iraqi suspects who are alleged members of ISIS, on suspicion of genocide and crimes against humanity. They have been accused of enslaving and raping two Yazidi girls.

The crimes allegedly carried out against these two young girls by the pair were horrifying. No little girl should ever be taken from her family and physically and sexually abused. No perpetrator should be allowed to go unpunished for these actions.

We know that tens of thousands of Iraqis and other nationals who committed acts of genocide, sexual violence, and crimes against humanity simply shaved their beards when ISIS was defeated and moved to other countries in Europe and neighboring countries of Iraq, where they have long been enjoying impunity.

The rape and enslavement of women and girls formed an integral component of ISIS's genocide of the Yazidi community. These two girls were sadly among thousands who were taken - most of whom remain missing today.

It is a systematic failure by the Iraqi authorities that they not only failed to protect the minority Yazidi community from genocide in 2014, but since the group's defeat, they have failed to rescue over two thousand women and children who are still being held by ISIS families.

Equally, cases like this highlight the importance of UNITAD in documenting the crimes committed by ISIS in Iraq. But the abrupt end of UNITAD's mandate will make it more difficult to bring ISIS perpetrators to justice.

Germany has shown exceptional commitment to justice and accountability by holding ISIS members accountable and not allowing these terrorists to have a safe-haven in Germany. They have included survivors and their families in the judicial process.

Other countries should follow Germany's example and hold ISIS terrorists to account.

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