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Weaving for Wellbeing – Empowering Women with Sustainable Livelihoods

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Zereen is a 26-year-old Yazidi woman who works as an artisan at FYF’s Enterprise and Training Center. Her family struggles financially and, as the oldest of her siblings, Zereen feels responsible for providing for her family.

“I always liked things that are made of wool and yarn, so when my friend informed me of an opportunity to attend artisan trainings, I immediately signed up for them. I now work as an artisan and make unique crafts.

While I work with the yarn, I forget about my worries and difficult living conditions, as my only focus is my work. I am happy that through my skills I am able to earn an income to support my family. As a woman, I find it very inspiring and encouraging to be able to work and depend on myself because before the Yazidi Genocide women had very limited work opportunities”.

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