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Yazidis without a state, lands and natural resources

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It just so happened that Yazidis, one of the ancient peoples of the world, do not have their own state, despite the fact that they still live on their ancestral lands of present-day Iraq, Syria, Turkey.

Because of their religious and ethnic identity, Yazidis have experienced many wars and more than 74 ethnic cleansing. The most devastating blow to Yazidi people was the genocide of Yazidis in 2014, after which Yazidis have been living in camps for refugees and displaced persons for 9 years, despite the infusion of investments into Iraq and humanitarian aid from Europe and the United States.

According to preliminary data published by the Ministry of Finance, Iraq's oil revenues exceeded $115 billion in 2022, which is the highest figure after a significant decline in oil prices during the Covid-19 period.

Iraq, the second largest oil producer in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), has huge reserves of black gold, which accounts for 90% of its income. A statement released by the ministry said that, according to preliminary statistics, Iraq has achieved "crude oil exports worth more than $115 billion in 2022" with a volume of one billion 209 million barrels.

As for the daily export rate, it amounted to 3 million 320 thousand barrels, the report says. Iraq's achievement of these revenues is due to the high price of a barrel of oil affected by the war in Ukraine, and the fact that the countries of the OPEC+ alliance keep their production quotas unchanged. The coalition decided to reduce production quotas by two million barrels per day to support prices.

Despite the fabulous oil revenues, the Iraqi government does nothing for its people, and especially for the genocide-stricken Yazidi minority. Yazidis have rich oil lands, but they have never been masters of their lands and natural resources.

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