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Hazem Tahsin Bey: We will start creating the General Council of Yazidis

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The spiritual leader of the Yazidi community of Iraq, Hazem Tahsin Bey, promised to start forming the General Council of Yazidis and that all Yazidi regions would be represented in it.

Yazidi House of Culture in Cologne organized an event that took place in the presence of representatives of various Yazidi cultural centers of Yazidis in Europe, the Academic Union of Yazidis in Europe, as well as cultural and social figures of the Yazidi community.

The event was mainly indicative in nature, and its purpose was to convey the information that the Spiritual Council is still the only one who has the opportunity to gather the majority of Yazidi organizations at a joint meeting, especially if he has a project that is promoted by the Yazidi community.

Hazem Tahsin Bey announced the beginning of the creation of the General Council of Yazidis, this is the main requirement for all Yazidi organizations, since this is the axis on which the largest Yazidi organization with the participation of Yazidis from different parts of the world will be based. The second important point of discussion was the separation of religious and secular affairs, since the spiritual council will deal only with religious issues.

General Council of Yazidis, the creation of which was decided several years ago, faced some obstacles and could not cope with its implementation.

Yazidi society can only wait for the fulfillment of the emir's promise to form a Council of Yazidis.

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