Getap village in Armenia

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Life of Yazidis in Armenia

(Short ethnogaphic essays on the life and life of Yazidis in Armenia)

Getap village is located in the Aragatsotn region of the Republic of Armenia, where Yazidis and Armenians live together 7 Yazidi families live in the village.

A resident of the village  Flit Smoyan, a respected resident of the Yazidi community, noted in his story that a few years ago, more than 20 Yazidi families lived in the village. However, a difficult life forced them to leave their native places and emigrate abroad.

Life in Getap is the same as in all Yazidi villages, with its own specific difficulties inherent only in the Yazidi community. People earn their living by farming, farming, and growing fruit trees.

There is a school in the village where, in addition to the school curriculum, yazidi children are taught their native Yazidi language. After finishing school in the village, few people continue their studies for secondary or higher education, due to their very low financial situation.

Residents of the village consider the main problem to be the lack of drinking water. In their opinion, this problem is present in almost all villages in this area. Previously, there were no problems with drinking water, since water came from the reservoir with the help of water pipes, this place was popularly called "forty springs", located in the village of Akko. For unknown reasons, this source was dismantled. No one was able to find out the reason why the water pipe was dismantled. The distance to the reservoir is only six kilometers. The population of the village has to buy drinking water, which is brought by tank.

Another problem of the villagers is total unemployment among young people. Roads are difficult to pass, which makes it difficult to move. The lack of gas supply makes life very difficult in winter.

Despite the difficulties of everyday life, the Yazidi community of Getap preserve the religion of their fathers and play an important role in everyday life. Every Yazidi carefully treats the culture, customs and traditions of the Yazidi people. No one and nothing prevents the Yazidi community from holding events, celebrating holidays and adhering to religious dogmas.

Translated by David Babaev

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