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The Tula branch of the "Yezidi Congress" took part in the festival of national cultures

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The Ministry of Youth Policy of the Tula region and the Tula Regional Youth Center organized the traditional Tula festival of national cultures "National Quarter" on the public platform "Iskra". At the event, the diasporas of the region presented their national dishes, costumes, songs and dances. Armenians, Yezidis, Dagestanis, Moldovans, Georgians, Uzbeks, Jews, Vietnamese, Tatars and students of different nationalities studying in the Tula region presented their national culture.
The Tula regional branch of the All-Russian Public Organization "Yezidi Congress" took part in the festival, which presented the Yezidi national dance "Govand" to the guests of the event. Usoyan Uso, Gasoyan Jamal, Gasoyan Zrba, Agmadyan Konstantin and Agmadyan Amad (Jr.) took part in the dances, for which they were awarded letters of thanks. Yezidi halva, grar, trsho, savar, gata and other dishes were presented from Yezidi dishes, as expected, all the guests enjoyed Yezidi treats.


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