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A demonstration to commemorate the genocide of the Yezidis will be held in Berlin at the “Neptune” Fountain

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August 3 is a day of mourning for Yazidis around the world. In 2014, the ISIS terrorist group attacked the Yazidis of Shangal, Iraq, on religious grounds. Thousands of men were executed, tens of thousands of women and children were taken into slavery, most of them are still missing and their fate is unknown. Another genocide suffered by the Yezidis seems to be over, but, unfortunately, only formally, many surviving and fleeing families still experience oppression, persecution and inhumane living conditions in camps for the temporarily displaced, we repeat for "temporarily displaced" - even though eight years have passed since the genocide of the Yezidis of Shangal.

Every year, on August 3, Yazidis from all over the world remember the victims of the massacre at the hands of ISIS terrorists. Yezidis in Germany are no exception.

This year, a demonstration will take place in Berlin at Alexanderplatz, near the Neptune Fountain, to commemorate the 2014 genocide of the Yezidi people. According to the organizers, guests from nearby countries will come to the event. The participants of the action are glad to everyone who comes to honor the memory of the murdered victims of the genocide. We always remember and mourn the victims of the genocide.

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