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The German province of Niedersachsen has announced that the Yazidi community may not attend school on its religious holidays

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The German state of Niedersachsen has decided to officially suspend school attendance for Yazidis during Yazidi holidays, such as the Yazidi New Year and the Festival of Lent.

The German government of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) has informed Yazidis about their right to vacations during the Yazidi New Year, this exception applies only to Yazidi students.

Yazidi journalist Saman Daoud, who lives in the German city of Hanover, said the Lower Saxony government has been practicing such exemptions for years, which is a support for the Yazidi community, which lives in Germany and numbers more than 300,000 people.

According to the journalist, the German government supports the rights of Yazidis and has fixed their holidays in the state's general calendar, including the Feast of Lent and New Year's Day. Parents have the right to apply for days off for their children during these vacations, and schools in turn agree, as it is a government decision.

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