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International Refugee Organization  condemns hate speech against Yazidis

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Hardin Lang, vice president for programs and policy at Refugees International, issued a statement condemning the systematic hate speech to which Yazidis in Iraq and Kurdistan are subjected.

"Yazidis have faced persecution for centuries. In 2014, the ISIS group unleashed a violent campaign of ethnic cleansing of the Yazidi population in Iraq. These crimes, including mass murder, sexual violence and enslavement, amount to genocide. In less than a decade, Yazidis have become outcasts in Iraq. Yazidi leaders and activists fear that their community will be targeted again, and they are raising the alarm.

Yazidis need and deserve a meaningful way out of the current situation, which means safety, security, and help for displaced Yazidis and their communities to return and rebuild. Instead, there is hate speech against the Yazidi population with the silence of the authorities.

Today, more than 200,000 Yazidis remain internally displaced in Iraq, years after ISIS militants ravaged their neighborhoods in and around Sinjar, many still traumatized after years of torture and inhumane treatment and trying to come to terms with the disappearance of their families.

The Iraqi government and the Kurdistan authorities must take urgent action to combat this hate speech and ensure the safety and recovery of the Yazidi community. The authorities must ensure that the perpetrators of the genocide cannot threaten Yazidi survivors again.

The international community cannot remain indifferent and complacent in the face of new threats against Yazidis. Refugees International supports the Yazidi community and civil society actors working to empower the Yazidi community", said Hardin Lang.

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