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You are either a Yazidi or a Kurd, the nationality of a Kurd-Yazidi does not exist

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Either you are a Yazidi or a Kurd, the nationality of a Kurd-Yazidi does not exist. To this day, many Yazidis, under the influence of Kurdish propaganda, cannot determine their identity in any way and mistakenly call themselves Kurdish Yazidis, when in fact they are true Yazidis. The Yezidi family dates back to Mesopotamia, from the time of the ancient Sumerians, when there was no sign of Islam or Christianity.
The Yezidis had their own religion, writing, culture and language. But over the centuries, under the influence of Arab civilization and the Islamic world, the Yezidis lost their writing, almost all books were destroyed by the enemies of this people. At the moment of historical development, the Yezidis have no official written language, and most of the history of the Yezidi people passed from mouth to mouth.
As is known from our ancestors, the Kurds are part of the Yezidis who forcibly converted to Islam after the 7th century, (Kurd - departed, rejected). According to Yazidi laws, a person who has adopted another religion is no longer a Yazidi, and Yazidis who have converted to Islam have become Kurds. They joined the numerous Kurdish tribes of Sorani, Gorani and Zaza, and all this after the emergence of Islam, i.e. after the seventh century. Based on all the historical facts, we can safely say that the Kurdish people, as a single people, arose from a mixture of tribes that arose after the Islamization of the population living in the territory of present-day Iraq, Syria and Turkey.
The question arises, why should the Yezidis, whose religion and culture come from antiquity, call themselves Kurds? If we are told and told all the time that we are one people, then why do the Yezidis still receive blows in the back from the Kurds.
Today, in digital times, on the Internet, social networks, many respected representatives of the Yezidi religion explain and explain to those who are in the "fog" about the origin of the Yezidi people, including the highly respected interpreters of the Yezidi religion Rostam Sheikh and Maxime Sheikh I.
In turn, we, the Cultural Center of the Yezidis of the Caucasus, would like to invite you to get acquainted with the opinion of one of the respected Sheikhs, Rostame Sheikh:
"I am often accused on Facebook, as a representative of religion, that I am against the unification of Yezidis and Kurds under the name "Kurd-Yezid." I have studied and continue to study the history of Mesopotamia and the Ancient World; I draw parallels with Yezidi hymns and prayers. As a result of the comparison, I came to the conclusion that a Yazidi who converted to Islam becomes a Kurd (ktbun - krdbun). It is obvious that a Yazidi who professes early "Yezidism" or late "Sharfadin" cannot become a Kurd in any way. The word "Kurd-Yezid" was invented by illiterate people who do not understand history. The Yazidis immediately have an association from the word "Kurd" - "rejected" (departed from the religion of their ancestors).
As professor, orientalist Karim Amoev writes in the book “Yezidis and their religion “, all Kurds are former Yezidis, historically one people. This is a fact, but any sane person asks the same question: "Why don't the Kurds and Yezidis unite? «and I am also wondering this question. But with whom to unite? With Muslim Kurds, some of whom are radical Islamists? After all, they do not accept food and water from the hands of the Yezidis and are called "haram" (unclean). The Kurds do not respect the history, religion and traditions of the people who have preserved the culture of our common ancestors. It was the Yezidis, who passed 74 genocides, who did not allow their religion, tradition and culture to be forgotten.
To unite means to become one nation, and for me a nation is one people, one language, one culture, and most importantly, one destiny. But, unfortunately, fate divided the peoples in the 7-8 centuries into two parts. Which is very sad for many Yazidis and former Yazidis».

Iuri Yezid

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