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Cases of domestic violence have increased in Yazidi families in Iraq

Read: 1166     12:30     28 Ноябрь 2022    

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Iraq, the Department for Family Crimes announced the results of an increase in cases of domestic violence in the country, namely more than 700 cases. This number also includes Yazidi families who live in camps for refugees and displaced persons.

The police services in Baghdad and the regions, with the support of psychologists, explained that crimes are committed on the basis of the hopelessness of living in tent camps of Yazidi refugees. Men in families splash out all their negative energy on women and children, as a result of which quarrels arise on domestic grounds, which turn into domestic violence.

At the moment, psychologists are consulting in camps for Yazidi refugees and displaced persons to prevent cases of domestic violence.

Dengê Êzdiyan

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