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Dangerous demographic policy of Iraq against national minorities

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Iraq is preparing to launch a new demographic policy on birth control and reproductive health in July next year on World Population Day.

According to hidden sources, it became known that the state is going to apply a plan to reduce the birth rate among representatives of national minorities, including Yezidis, Syrians, Armenians, Kurds, etc. According to sources, the donors of the event are European countries, it is not yet known how the program will be implemented and distributed.

The head of the Central Statistical Organization Dia Awad Kazem told local media that the ministry does not have accurate statistical data on the population due to the lack of a census. He noted that in July next year, on World Population Day, the Ministry is preparing to issue a document (demographic policy), which focuses on birth control and reproductive health, as well as factors affecting this growth.

Kazem noted the difficulty of reducing fertility rates without gradually reducing the policies developed in this regard, since birth control cannot be legally imposed, since it is considered a family right, but it will be done through awareness-raising programs for reproductive health organizations.

For his part, economic expert Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani said that the estimates of the Ministry of Planning indicate the possibility of population growth in the country in 2030 to 51,211,700 people. What is the birth rate among national minorities is not known. Adding that the labor market does not match the available opportunities, the natural and economic resources of the state are running out.

Al-Mashhadani pointed out that the country needs a policy of birth control, since the population growth rate has reached 2.5 percent per year, which is a lot. The real problem is that the demographic explosion is growing among refugees and displaced poor, and therefore the birth rate among these groups should be reduced, in addition to paying attention to their education. This is a high level of illiteracy in relation to prevention, which exceeds 20 percent among representatives of national minorities.

Al-Mashhadani called on government agencies to prepare for the demographic boom they will face in the next decade or even the coming years.

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