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The Iraqi government tries to include Yazidis in the Sinjar agreement

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The Sinjar Agreement is a political agreement between the government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government, which was concluded on October 10, 2020. The agreement aims to ensure security and stability, the formation of a judicial administration, the provision of services, and the reconstruction of the judicial system in the Sinjar region.

Yazidis, who make up the largest percentage of the city's population, did not participate in the negotiations for the Sinjar agreement. This put them in the unenviable position of now being the subject of an agreement in which they had no say.

Yazidis have suffered greatly at the hands of ISIS, and they deserve to have a say for their future. The government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government should involve Yazidis in the implementation of the Sinjar Agreement and ensure that the agreement meets the needs of Yazidi community.

The Sinjar Agreement is a complex issue and there are no easy answers. However, it is important that Yazidis are involved in the process and their voices are heard; the future of the Sinjar region depends on it.

It is important to note that Yazidi community is not monolithic. There are different views of the Sinjar agreement within the community. Some Yezidis support the agreement because they believe it will help protect them from ISIS. Others reject the agreement because they believe it gives too much power to the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

The Iraqi government must find a way to overcome the divisions within Yazidi community. It also has to solve the problems of those who reject the agreement, if the government can do this, it can implement the Sinjar agreement and bring peace to Sinjar.

When it became too late, the Iraqi government tried to find a way to bring Yazidis into the Sinjar Agreement. The government's visits to Sinjar continue as an attempt to reconcile views in the area and implement the Sinjar agreement or to resort to an alternative solution to normalize conditions in the area and return displaced people to it.

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