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German Parliament to consider Yazidi genocide bill

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A meeting of the German parliament is scheduled this week on the ISIS attack on Sinjar, as well as the murders and kidnappings of Yazidis. The German Parliament recognizes the crimes committed against Yazidis as genocide.

The German Parliament intends to adopt the following:

The German Parliament expresses its condolences to the victims of the crimes of the so-called "Islamic State" (ISIL) in Iraq and Syria. Recognizing the pain inflicted by the terrorist organization on hundreds of thousands of people, and appreciating the resilience of countless residents of the region in the face of injustice and absolute non-recognition of human rights, democracy and national religious coexistence.

In Iraq alone, six million people have been internally displaced as a result of unspeakable brutality, and there are refugees in various parts of the world, most of whom have not yet been able to return to their homes. Yazidis, Arab Christians, and representatives of other religious and ethnic minorities, as well as Muslim Kurds who opposed ISIS, became victims of war crimes and crimes against humanity, ISIS worked to completely destroy the Yazidi people. More than five thousand Yazidis, especially in 2014, were tortured and brutally murdered by ISIS.

The German Parliament considers the crimes committed against the Yazidi community a crime of genocide, and this step takes the legal assessment of the UN Special Investigation Team (UNITAD).

The use of sexual, reproductive and gender-based violence against women and girls in conflict situations had its own goals. They wanted to violently humiliate the Yazidi society and worked to destroy the spirit of the Yazidi people.

The German Parliament:

1. The German Parliament recognizes Yazidis as victims of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by ISIS.

2. Recognizes that the crimes committed by ISIS in 2014 on Iraqi soil against the Yazidi component constitute genocide and in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes of Genocide.

3. In particular, highly appreciates the activity of women in overcoming and eliminating the atrocities committed by ISIS.

4. Highly appreciates the activities of many human rights organizations providing humanitarian assistance, federal districts for their outreach programs for Yazidis, which use the idea of intercultural treatment and the consequences of trauma, as well as humanitarian assistance provided to Yazidis, especially by civil societies and volunteers.

5. Recognizes that the Federal Republic of Germany, as a country of emigration, is home to the largest Yazidi community in the world, and resolutely works to protect the rights of Yazidis in bilateral negotiations and in multilateral institutions to enable Yazidis to practice their religious and cultural lifestyle with dignity and manage their affairs around the world, and so that the perspectives and experience of their community in Germany are taken into account in international activities.

The German Parliament demands from the Federal government within the existing budget:

1. Support the UNITAD mission and continue to seek and expand the legal solution and investigation of ISIS crimes in Germany.

2. Achieving the commitment of the Government of Iraq to sign and ratify the internal platform of the International Criminal Tribunal and amend the Criminal Code of Iraq to include crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide in the Criminal Code of Iraq.

3. Continue to support international and local partners in identifying and tracing the whereabouts of Yazidi women, children and family members who have become victims of human trafficking, whose fate remains unknown.

4. The requirement for the Government of Iraq to accelerate the implementation of the Law on Survivors, which was issued in March 2021 by the Iraqi Parliament, and to pay compensation provided for by this law to survivors of ISIL crimes.

5. Taking into account the particular vulnerability of Yazidi children born as a result of rape during periods of slavery in ISIS, and to support the Yazidi community in its desire to mix these children with the Yazidi community.

6. Continue to support de-radicalization programs for children who have been brainwashed or recruited by ISIS terrorists, and ask the Iraqi Government to ensure that these children are properly legally responsible for crimes committed by them at the age of 9 or 11.

7. Support for the joint Archiving and Documentation center in Germany on crimes against international law committed by ISIS against Yazidis and other minorities, with the aim of participating in an expanded public dialogue on genocide and deportation and supporting the efforts of the Yazidi community in Germany to erect a memorial in Germany.

8. The requirement for the central Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government to implement and comply with the Sinjar Agreement of 2020.

9. To take a leading role in the international reconciliation community between Baghdad and Erbil and the representatives of the Yazidis and to support the multifaceted strategic development taking into account the ongoing efforts. Yazidis living in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan should enjoy the right to a decent life of their choice and strengthen the application of democratic foundations to protect minorities of all nationalities and religious groups.

10.Expressing concern about the possibility of destabilization of northern Iraq, including Kurdistan, through military operations and other violations of State sovereignty by Iran. Also pointing out that Turkish military operations violate the sovereignty of the Iraqi state, the attacks make it difficult for displaced Yazidis to return to their areas, cause new waves of migration and lead to a deterioration in the humanitarian conditions of Yazidis in camps for displaced persons.

11. Continue to support the Yazidi component in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan in rebuilding their destroyed towns and villages in cooperation with international partners, as well as support the central Government of Iraq and the Kurdish regional Government in helping displaced Yazidis to return to their homes, with priority given to the Sinjar region.

12. Follow-up with international and regional partners on the holding of an international political conference on security and reconstruction in the Sinjar region.

The Cultural Center of the Caucasian Yazidis hopes for the justice of the German Parliament. The recognition of the genocide is the most important recognition for the Yazidi people, which will have a great positive impact on the Yazidis of Iraq, and even on the Yazidis living in Germany and in Europe as a whole, including refugee documents and issues of reunification of Yazidi families. We hope that the law will be voted for the benefit of all the victims of the long-suffering Yazidi people and will be a gesture of kindness in the future.

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