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Today, Yazidis celebrate the holiday of "Kloch Sare Sale"

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Today, Yazidi community celebrates the holiday "Kloch Sare Sale" — a celebration of the onset of spring, new life, new year.

By tradition, today all Yazidi housewives bake a pie (cake) — a piece in which a bead or coin is placed. On the same day, as a sign of remembrance of the deceased, Yazidis treat neighbors and relatives with freshly baked pies.

In the morning of the next day, all family members gather around the pie (Kloch) to be present when the head of the family, after mentioning the God "dasturi nave Hade u Shihadi", will divide it. First, a knife is held in the middle of the pie, and they call it "Hata jot" (i.e., the furrow of the plow), then one side is divided into pieces, each of which is brought as a gift to angels and saints, and the other is cut according to the number of family members. After the discovery of the bead, it is announced which saint will patronize the family this year (if the bead got into the piece under the name of an angel) and which of the family members received a special blessing (if the bead is found in the piece under the name of a family member).

The tradition of cutting a piece originates from the following legend – one day holy sheikhs gathered in Lalish (the religious center of Yazidis, Iraq), they placed a bead in a Piece and the one who got it became the main sheikh.

It is believed that during this holiday, God sends the angel Malak Zayn to earth for a blessing, after which the earth will begin to dress up. This religious holiday is closely connected with the awakening of nature and fertility.

It should be noted that only Yazidis of the former USSR celebrate the Sara Sale in mid–March, which is a feature of Yazidis who come from the Sarhad region. At the same time, this tradition has many similarities with the holidays of Yazidis of Turkey and Iraq, which take place at a completely different time.

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