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Niko Pirosmani – Yezidi janitor who changed the artist's life

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Niko Pirosmani is a famous artist from Georgia, who became famous all over the world in the genre of primitivism. The artist had an interesting and sometimes sad life. He left about 180 paintings to the world. Today I would like to tell you about the history of his one of the most interesting paintings "The Janitor". Before the artist met that Yezidi janitor in his life, Pirosmani lost his famous painting "Margarita", his life seemed to have lost its meaning. At that time, a janitor, whom everyone knew, worked in the area in Tbilisi where the artist lived in the mornings. One day Pirosmani became interested and got to know him. The artist withdrew into himself and every day, without leaving home, was engaged in painting. As the artist's neighbors said, the janitor brought food to the artist every morning. The janitor perceived Pirosmani as his grandson and took care of him.

Nico's interest in life was gradually returning. One day, when the janitor once again brought him food, the artist decided to show him a picture. Seeing the painting, the janitor was delighted with what he saw, because Pirosmani painted his portrait. He was shouting and talking: "Look, one in one, looks like me."

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