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Hazim Tahsin Saied Beg called on the Prime Minister to ensure fair representation of Yazidis in the new government

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Emir of Yazidis in Iraq, Hazim Tahsin Saied Beg, called on Prime Minister Mohammed al-Saudi to ensure fair and equal Yazidi representation in the new Iraqi government cabinet and to provide them with ministerial positions.

Emir Hazim Tahsin Saied Beg, Chairman of the Supreme Spiritual Council of Yazidis in Iraq, wrote in a letter addressed to the appointed Prime Minister of Mohammed al-Saudi:

"Welcoming your appointment as Prime Minister, we would like to remind you of the oppression and marginalization suffered by Yazidis, the latest of which was the genocide in Shangal in 2014, perpetrated by the most violent terrorist organization known to mankind in the XXI century.

Anyone familiar with history understands that Yazidis are heirs to the civilization of ancient Iraq, as well as to the indigenous peoples and ancient religions in that country.

As Yazidi representatives, we look forward to building a civil state and a state for citizens, based on law and duties, in which the rights of all coexisting peoples of Iraq, including Yazidis, are treated fairly and their representation in leadership positions in proportion to their numbers and size is ensured.

Based on national and constitutional rights, we ask you to ensure fair and equal representation of Yazidis in the new cabinet and provide them with ministerial positions, as well as we ask for the positions of general directors and heads of independent bodies.

We hope that our legitimate demands will be implemented and that you will pay attention to them", explained the chairman of the Supreme Spiritual Council of the Yazidis.

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