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François Hollande meets with Vitaly Nabiev, head of the Union of Yazidis in France

Read: 2373     12:30     18 Май 2023    

Vitaly Nabiev, head of the Yazidi Union in France, met with the French statesman and politician, the 24th President of France. During the meeting, the parties discussed the problems faced by Yazidis of Iraq, which they still face today.

François Hollande expressed words of solidarity and support for the Yazidi people, both those living in France and Yazidis of Syria and Iraq:

"I remember what Yazidis have endured, France has always been there for Yazidis, as in 2014, in 2105 and now. We sheltered in France Yazidis who were refugees, today they are able to live and develop, to achieve success. I welcome in particular those women and men who are perfectly integrated in French society, while maintaining their traditions and identity. But today there are also those Yazidis who are still in danger in Iraq, who have neither the protection nor the security that is urgently needed. France and the French people want to remind Yazidis of their solidarity and that they have the right to live in their country, without problems and without being persecuted.

I send my friendly wishes to all Yazidis, to those who are in France and understand the language I speak and to those who are not in France, in Iraq, in Syria or other countries, so that they well know that they have friends here in France".

Vitaly Nabiev, for his part, thanked Mr. Hollande on behalf of all Yazidis for the invitation and for what he did for the Yazidi people in 2014 and does today.

According to oriented calculations, the diaspora of Yazidis in France today has about 15,000 people. Almost 85% of Yazidis in France are refugees from the former Soviet Union - Armenia, Georgia, Russia, the other 15% are Yazidis from Iraq and Syria.

Almost 70% of Yazidis are now employed, have bought property, many have a car, have opened their own business. It is safe to say that Yazidis of France are mostly satisfied with their stay in this country. In a relatively short period of time almost all of them have managed to obtain citizenship or refugee status and settle down, for which we are very grateful to the French government.

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