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"The deadline for the ultimatum has expired" - the opposition gathers thousands of people in Tbilisi

Read: 267     11:00     08 Ноябрь 2021    

The chairman of the largest opposition party "United National Movement" Nika Melia announced a large-scale protest action in the center of Tbilisi on November 8 at 20:00.
On the eve of the opposition leaders presented an ultimatum to the Georgian authorities demanding the transfer to a private clinic of ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili, who continues his hunger strike in prison for the 38th day. They took 24 hours to fulfill the requirement.
"The deadline for the ultimatum has expired, on November 8 at 20:00 we must begin the victory of freedom from Freedom Square. All to the place where the history of Georgia was written many times. Georgian society has never been defeated in history and will not be defeated soon. We will win in the name of truth," Melia said at a briefing.
Mikheil Saakashvili was detained on October 1 in Tbilisi after returning to Georgia for the first time since 2013. At home, the ex-president was convicted in absentia for official crimes and sentenced to six years in prison.
Saakashvili considers himself a political prisoner and immediately after being placed in prison, he went on a hunger strike in protest. All this time, prison doctors supported his vital parameters with the help of medicines and nutritional mixtures, but the day before the politician refused them.
A personal doctor, lawyers and relatives talk daily about the deteriorating health of the ex-president and demand his transfer to a civilian multidisciplinary clinic. The authorities agree to transfer Saakashvili only to a prison hospital in Tbilisi. Meanwhile, experts say that there are no conditions for proper care, and lawyers say that it is unsafe for the ex-president there.
Rallies are regularly held near the Rustavi prison and in other cities of Georgia demanding that Saakashvili be hospitalized in a private hospital. Moreover, several people declared a hunger strike in support of the ex-president, including a member of the Parliament of Georgia and a well-known journalist.