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"Free Yazidi Foundation" supports Yazidi community and builds the potential of its staff

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"The Free Yazidi Foundation (FYF) supports Yazidi community after the 2014 Yazidi genocide. FYF promotes the rights and well-being of Yazidis of Iraq with a focus on empowering women, striving for justice, and helping the community recover through trauma treatment, education, training, and economic development.

All of those who work at FYF directly are strong individuals as they face the difficult stories of people who managed to survive the 2014 Yazidi genocide on a daily basis. One such strong person is Wahida Omer, a humanitarian from Sinjar, who has a Bachelor of Arts. in English and Literature from the University of Duhok.

Since fleeing Sinjar, Wahida has been active with humanitarian sector organizations supporting Yazidi community. She is currently the lead investigator for the FYF justice program.

"I am very passionate about the work that the Free Yazidi Foundation (FYF) does. The Foundation supports Yazidi community and builds the capacity of its staff, as a Yazidi woman in Iraq, we have very limited access to employment opportunities because of discrimination against our community and gender. For the past four years FYF has provided me with intensive training and support so that I can improve personally and professionally, now working with Yazidi victims I have learned the importance of justice because only by seeking justice will the community feel safe.

In the case of Yazidis, justice is not only about bringing perpetrators to justice, but also about respecting the community and acknowledging its suffering and provision.

"The Free Yazidi Foundation (FYF) really helps us find ways to unlock our existing talents and skills. The Foundation continues to train a generation of qualified Yazidi youth who can better serve their community and vulnerable populations.

"FYF also provides a safe working environment for both employees and beneficiaries. At FYF, you are valued, respected and treated well, all of which contribute to a positive work environment".

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