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How are national minorities treated in Iraq : such as Yazidis, Aisors, Christians, Zoroastrians

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Since ancient times, people who represent a minority lived in Mesopotamia, but they were treated with disdain. In previous decades, minorities in Iraq suffered from persecution and human rights violations due to the lack of laws on the rights of national minorities, and during the Isil attack, the lion's share of the minority was left unprotected.

Civil rights activist Rajab Kakai in his interview with Ezidi24 says: "At the level of the Iraqi government, after the October demonstrations in the country and the consequences of the formation of the government, it turned into a provisional government and formed a Committee to revise the Iraqi Constitution»

"With this approach, not respecting the rights of national minorities is unfair to them, because they have been attacked, looted and deprived of their rights due to their inability to properly govern the state. What we see is evidence of this, and their lack of control over the situation. The state does not intend to pay due attention to the victims of ISIS, and the authorities have taken arbitrary measures that have forced a significant part of the population to take retaliatory measures against them and fight with extremist groups themselves."

At the level of international organizations, their procedures are not currently appropriate, and they must adopt a package of immediate, rapid and feasible measures. As for local NGOs, their activities do not rise to the required level due to the obstacles that are placed in their work due to government policies. As a result, nothing is being done for representatives of national minorities.

"The Iraqi constitutional review Committee should include constitutional articles that guarantee the rights of national minorities and recognize their existence as individuals and citizens." Kakai said.

Yazidi activist Salam Ismail believes that " Governments have generally been deficient in dealing with religious minorities, and there is evidence that there are dozens of mass graves of minorities whose remains have not been found. Because life in the camps is difficult, but according to the current situation, it is also difficult to return. The government should work more on minority issues and not neglect them. We must also have rights in the Iraqi Constitution, and we are working to restore life in our areas by ensuring security, " Salam Ismail said.



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