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Presentation of the book "Ferman 74"

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This week, the Yezidi community in Germany organized the presentation of the book "Ferman 74", which means "Genocide 74", the book was presented by Dr. Stefan Gatzhammer.
The book talks about dozens of genocides suffered by the Yezidis, uses more than 200 statements and interviews of survivors of the mass ethnic cleansing committed by ISIS in 2014, recognized by the entire civilized world as genocide. The publication does not mention the main reason and the role of the ruling Barzani clan in Iraqi Kurdistan in the genocide of the Yezidis in Shangal in August 2014.
Thousands of Yezidi families fled to Mount Sinjar, fleeing from murders and kidnappings, rapes and captivity, people were trapped and suffered from lack of water, food, and the scorching sun.
An estimated 3,000 Yazidis were killed within a few days, and 6800 were abducted.
According to the Yazidi Rescue Service, 360,000 Yazidis managed to escape and find refuge elsewhere.

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